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Re: <nettime> DNA and computers
Ognjen Strpic on Sun, 7 Sep 2003 13:40:21 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> DNA and computers

Eduardo Navas <eduardo {AT} navasse.net>:
> Nano technology is just amazing.  I actually visited Cal Tech at one point
> and was overwhelmed by the tour.  The research is mind blowing.  I do think
> the future is in combining computer technology with DNA in a more direct way
> as the article I forwarded mentioned.

bad thing, in my view, about current trends in nanoresearch is that they
seem to be desperate to (finally) cash in some of their accomplishments.
the recent popular literature is flooded with points about business
opportunities of nanotech.

"By 2015, nanotechnology could be a $1 trillion industry" (first
sentence on the back cover of Ratner & Ratner, Nanotechnology, Prentice
Hall, 2003). last section of the same book is "Venture capital
interested in nano".

then, take a look at http://nanotech-now.com/nanotechnology-books.htm
when these guys talk nano, they mean "let's make some money". Drexlerian
"visionary" (see http://www.foresight.org/EOC) nanoscience is
increasingly abandoned and seems to be thought of as a dead end:
nanobusiness is what's going on now.

comparison with AI is instructive here, as it may seem to be
a disappointment when weighted against early promises of GOFAI (Good
Old-Fashioned AI). this "visionary" AI, however, had a big impact in
art, literature, philosophy (computer metaphor in philosophy of mind)
that one may have to reevaluate net success of these visions.
personally, I think they were fruitful after all. not having much
androids walking around, notwithstanding :-)

I'm afraid that nano will loose in this creative impact more thay it'll
save by not funding research that doesn't promise quick money.


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