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Re: <nettime> Request to Nettime to be part of DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY o
Bill Spornitz on Sat, 27 Sep 2003 05:13:20 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Request to Nettime to be part of DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY online forum with Eyebeam

Beth R.;

Although I cannot speak for the nettime community of which *you* 
speak I can say this:

At 2:02 PM -0400 9/25/03, Beth R. wrote:
>I'm writing to you from Eyebeam, NYC's not-for-profit art and technology
>center located in Chelsea at 540 West 21 Street.  I hope you know about our
>work with artists, curators, academics, etc. since 1997 bringing technology
>and access to new audiences.  Please check out our website at
>www.eyebeam.org for further information about Eyebeam's programs in
>education, moving image, exhibitions, publications, etc.

No, sorry. I live in Winnipeg.

>The reason I'm writing to Nettime today is to ask whether this community
>would be interested in cross-pollinating with Eyebeam's next online forum,
>DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY from November 12-December 19. Below is the blurb.
>For the past six years Eyebeam has done an annual online forum on
>technology, art and popular culture and invited the public, artists,
>curators, academics, technologists to have an open discourse online about a
>specific topic.  Our online forums are then published a year later into
>books with commissioned essays and art projects.

As a struggling survivor of the dotcom, I know about DISTRIBUTED 
CREATIVITY. As a reformed arts administrator, I know about blurb and 
it's friends schmooz and $CLIENT_RESPONSE$.

>For the upcoming forum we are working with the following online
>communities--Creative Commons, Rhizome, D.A.T.A. and Fibreculture  to hold a
>discussion across five places on the web concerning artistic collaborations.
>I would like to invite Nettime to be a community on this online forum.  Each
>week there will be a different topic to discuss and the discussion will take
>place on the communinity with special moderators, guest participants and
>artists.  All dialogue will be archived on the eyebeam website.  Our
>technical team consisting of Richard Chung & Vivian Selbo will be working on
>cross-pollination technical issues with each community organization.

My inbox has been working with the following communities--Nigerian 
post-banking-fraud new-Scammers,Korean commercial offerings of 
Viagra, fake Microsoft(R) support notices and nettime, to hold a 
discussion across five planes on the meb concerning sartistic 


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