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<nettime> radio transmitters: technical help needed
neopygmee on Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:21:20 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> radio transmitters: technical help needed

Hi nettime,

I am looking for some help and practical information about radio 

My girlfriend, who is Mexican, and myself are going to Mexico in about a 
month. She got in contact with someone from Indymedia Chiapas who told 
us that the zapatista-communities are in need of local radio stations. 
He asked if we would want to help them acquiring transmitters, which in 
Chiapas is a lot more difficult then here in Europe. Of course we do.

The problem now is the technical side. I have a degree in industrial 
engineering (electronics), but since my graduation in 1994 I never did 
anything with it and now about 95% of my electronic knowledge has 
evaporated, while the remaining 5% is kind of stale. However, I could 
understand how to build a small radio-station if someone explained it to 
me, or if I found a good handbook, and I know how to solder and stuff.

Apparently, taking into account the local circumstances, the best thing 
would be an AM-transmitter of about 40 to 100 Watts, although FM could 
work too.
Of course, it is very important that all this is low-cost. A kit would 
be nice, instructions how to build one from scratch would be better.

So this is were I need your help. I am living in Brussels. In order of 
preference, here is what could be done:
1. Someone that has this kind of equipment or that knows how to build 
it, could show me how to do it. This, of course, would be a gift from 
2. If there are workshops organized in Belgium/Holland/..., I would be 
very glad to attend one.
3. A good guide/howto (for dummies) on the net would be great.
4. Some references to handbooks, guides, etc. I can buy would be greatly 
appreciated too.
5. Any help whatsoever, ideas, remarks, experiences, are very welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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