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<nettime> Re: markets, states, associations (was: reverse engineered fre
Ryan Griffis on Mon, 29 Sep 2003 23:45:36 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re: markets, states, associations (was: reverse engineered freedom...)

hi Brian,

> The theoretical point of looking at human
> organization in terms of 
> those three poles 

thanks for the response - and yes it is helpful. (wish
i could go to Geneva for the WSIS too)
at any rate, i do find the tri-polar model useful, but
i still question it's universal application (not that
you were doing that). The relationships between the
poles seem highly mutable in such a way that the model
becomes more and less useful at different times. and
the definition of each pole highly transformative
according to who's interest is at stake. For example,
the US New Deal policies could be seen as restrictive
on markets or as a tactic of preservation of them by
the state. but that example only holds for the
historical and ideological conditions of the US. And
with the commercial interests invested in military
ventures in the US, which pole is dominant there? or
maybe you're not positioning situational polar
dominance, and that is my misreading. but don't many
of the desires shaping all of the poles transgress
those boundaries? or is the polar model a way of
looking at the dominant systems for materializing
i'm thinking of how the model is useful for tactical
activist organizing and production, how are those
desires figured?
if you have the time, your comments are appreciated.

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