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Re: <nettime> A Puff Piece on Wikipedia (Fwd)
porculus on Sat, 4 Oct 2003 13:01:02 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> A Puff Piece on Wikipedia (Fwd)

> >If Locke, Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, and D'Alembert were all in the
> habit of publishing anonymously, why is it their names are so familiar
> attached to their writings,usually) some 250 years later? Was anonymity
> merely a ploy, with clues provided somehow for true authorship? In the
> of Voltaire, we know this was a 'pen-name.' Was it affixed to his work,
> if not, what use would a pen-name have been?<

Bah attribuzion is ze core ov moderne historiez ov criminology & modern
art & zen 'naming' & appropriazion go boz az whore & pimp, vor inztance
hear ze sound as when you see a manethaz & you say 'ho my dear what a niz
rumzfled! '..well there iz two way vor ze origine ov a name, ozerz & then
your name is 'tiny one' cause some girlz have already talk about you in ze
bar, or you & then just call me hercule & then begun the mess 'what it'z
you hercule the tiny one?' & then crying in her peticoat your mom try to
give you a consensual one as 'small cloud' or 'gentle light hercule' &
then come kind ov modus vivendi between senoritaz & hombrez 'I call you
light hercule & you ztop to call me big ass' & zen tiny one make full ov
babies to big ass cause avter all the only real name you have is ze one on
give you in bed, remember vaust :. You call yourself a part, yet whole
you're standing there. & hen Mephistophelez : A modest truth do I declare.
A man, the microcosmic fool, down in his soul Is wont to think himself a
whole, But I'm part of the Part which at the first was all, Part of the
Darkness that gave birth to Light

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