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From: Morlock Elloi <morlockelloi {AT} yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Re: Re:  New Media Education and Its Discontent
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> An interesting thread. The real problem with the American educational
> system is that standards are not high enough. Public universities are
> packed with students who simply should not be in college. This policy

US (and many others') educational system is a business and as any business it
wants to enlarge its customer base. Nothing wrong with it. Those who are more
intelligent/capable will get themselves and/or their kids in better schools.
The mere value of a title in US is near-zero. It's what you did/can do.

I recall no point in history when governing regimes enabled unbiased education
for intellectual elite. Educational filters were always used to promote the
regime in more or less direct ways. So I see current complaints about suffering
intellectuals as nostalgia for past times when subjecting to the government's
educational system meant guaranteed stature and a job.

Well, intellectuals, governments no longer need you. There are more efficient
ways to keep masses brainwashed, and governments need specialists to maintain
those systems. Tough shit.

The guild of "intellectuals" is extinct. This has nothing to do, of course,
with free-thinking independent individuals that exist across the board, in all
classes and castes.

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