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Re: <nettime> Re: executed-coat-thief
jorn.ebner {AT} britishlibrary.net on Wed, 15 Oct 2003 10:49:50 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Re: executed-coat-thief

> Von: richard barbrook <richard {AT} hrc.wmin.ac.uk>

> Rather than refighting ancient faction fights, it's more interesting to
> question why the English don't have their equivalent of the 14th July and
> 4th July holidays: an annual celebration of the modernising revolution.
> Even though it happened over three centuries ago, our ruling elite is still
> embarassed by this inspirational moment in our history. Apart from it being
> so cold in mid-winter, I like the suggestion that we should celebrate 30th
> January: the day in 1649 when the tyrant king was executed for his crimes
> against the people. If nothing else, this date would prevent the holiday's
> recuperation for an official ceremony which included the current royal
> family...

somehow it seems strange to me that in Britain there should be a republican
celebration when there is no real republican legacy. After all the royalists
won in the 17th century and they are still running the country. To celebrate
the execution of a tyrant king 350 years ago obscures the fact that in 2003
the British people are still subjects, not citizens. Such celebration may
look good, in the way that British culture is very good at surfaces but
somewhat awkward when it comes to 'intellectualism' - which pleases the
rulers' eyes. History is likely to be full of quirky moments, that did not
quite fit in, with people who behaved in some commemorable way. But Britain
is a long way from being a republic, and maybe further away from being
democratic with its House of Lords and One-past-the-post election system.


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