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Re: <nettime> the Styrian Oak in California
porculus on Thu, 16 Oct 2003 12:05:17 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> the Styrian Oak in California

> One student at University of California said he was voting for Arnie so
> that his name would be on his diploma when he graduated in 2004.

fiction doesnt run according the same rules ov phisic, ethic & even
esthetics than in 'reallity', otherwise we would be completly found to sez
hollywood is globaly a nazi bazar where run all mengele's morphophyscologic
theory..it's an old rag since cervantes, rabelais, alice tzeteraz..besides
last action hero the better scharzy movie told of that pretty simply & well
to any kidz. be sure even el commandante marcos when he look at some old
harry calahan issue is white, puritan & love to shoot all swine red neck in
the back, so what ? i suppose you know all european trotskiste & fucking
maoiste in 50s 60s & 70s love all abominable american character..what is no
more a political soap for their dirty face. what is the linkz between the
two world,? they exist it's just what anyone can sez, to tell what it could
be is or an art or a game for criminal besidez politics is no
more than that. the populism is
just the first stage of democratie : people want to see their leader at
their 'service' & a good populist tried to show himself  as its best whore
but in hopping to be its pimp, is it possible vrybody want to
boast around in electing a schmuck for mocking god himselfv ? who knows ?
perhapz the answer in ze next matrix recolonic

> The Bush people are worried about Arnie; he's far too moderate for most
> of them.

in america i.e. in a good republic it's not the president who could have
blow job with the shepherdess, but the reverse, so kneel down
mizter bush

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