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Re: <nettime> New Media Education and Its Disconnects
joseph rabie on Fri, 17 Oct 2003 16:22:55 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> New Media Education and Its Disconnects

>>And, why is that our reality? Because here in the good ol' USofA we must give
>>great returns to those who DON'T WORK: investors. What are we teaching our
>>children? "You must work for nothing so that some stockholder can retire
>>early." What a truely bogus system!
>If the system is bogus, how would you change it? It is not constructive 
>to cry foul unless you have a better idea.

A better idea? Call it post-Capitalism (or whatever else).

A company is built on four foundations:

The Clients:
Are the company's raison d'Ítre. In a perfect world, the company treats 
them with respect, providing them with useful products that are well 
made. Not as in our world, where the client is to be carpet bombed with 
advertising so that he buys whatever he is told to buy.

The Employees:
 From the top to the bottom, they are the company's real wealth. In a 
perfect world, the company treats them with respect, allowing them to 
feel truly the dignity of doing a useful job, and living comfortably in 
so doing, because they are paid a decent wage. If possible, all 
participate in collegial fashion in the working of the company. They are 
motivated and give their best.

Is what allows the company to exist, by providing conditions in which it 
can function and fructify, and by allowing the same of the company's 
clients. In a perfect world, corporations respect the state, and pay 
taxes willingly, because the common good is fortified by solidarity 
between all.

The investors:
The investors provide the means for the company to develop. In a perfect 
world, they respect the company for what it does, the good that it 
provides, and not simply as a cash cow for dividends that should be as 
high as possible and fuck the rest. The investor is a supplier for the 
company that supplies it with  capital (amongst the company's other 
suppliers, which supply raw materials, computer equipment, and staples), 
thus a commercial partner, and is entitled to reasonable profits for 
what it provides. Indeed, the investor is itself a company which treats 
its clients (our company, for example) with respect.


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