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Re: <nettime> Bush to Unnamed Officials: Shut Up or Else
Are Flagan on Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:08:53 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Bush to Unnamed Officials: Shut Up or Else

Re: 10/22/03 11:14, "Soenke Zehle" <soenke.zehle {AT} web.de>:

> It's the media, stupid.

I regularly turn to Comedy Central's Daily Show with John Stewart for the
news and tune into CSPAN for moments of high comedy. Press briefings by
Scotty are pretty hilarious if you enjoy schizo doubletalk and old newspeak.
And Rumsfeld and Myers, the short and the tall, are a veritable Laurel and
Hardy team. Don and Dick defending God's general Boykin? Priceless! (It's up
there with the classic Dershowitz/Finkelstein episode on Democracy Now!)
Having already quite badly pissed off the CIA on several counts (not a super
brilliant idea, Dubya, to anger the guys who invented dirty tricks), Bush
recently extolled that he would go over the heads of the national media and
talk *straight* to the smaller press outfits, to get his message out. Scotty
was recently asked about this new policy, as the anointed and puppy-dog
loyal White House press corps wanted, really, to know _exactly_ where they
had gone so terribly wrong in reporting. Where, how, details please, is the
President dissatisfied with our coverage? The intonation was understandably
one of heavy sarcasm (with undertones of the tacit agreement that says,
we'll only report your lies if you never tell the truth). It may be the
media, stupid, but never ever, apparently, call it the stupid media. It may
just wise up.


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