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<nettime> IP Bitterness // Read this NFO properly!
noci on Sat, 25 Oct 2003 07:19:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> IP Bitterness // Read this NFO properly!

fresh news from the open nfo archives. enjoy.
- n


It is against the law to reproduce copyrighted material for the
purpose of selling it to third parties. US Law only allows for you to 
make one backup copy of any software or media for personal and archival 
purposes, which is the ONLY intended use for this software. This program 
is not meant for those who intend on breaking copyright laws. In no way 
will we be held responsible if you do. Any other use of this software is 
strictly prohibited.

            ??               ???????????  ?????????            ?    ?????
        ?   ????           ????? ? ?????  ?????   ??         ???  ?   ??
      ··?   ????? ?        ????? ? ?????  ????? ?  ????    ????? ?? ?????
	?  ?????  ?       ????? ?  ????  ????? ?? ????  ? ????? ?? ?????
         ???????????       ????? ?    ??  ????? ?? ????  ? ????? ?? ?????
         ???????????       ??????????     ????? ?? ????  ? ????? ?  ?????
      |  ?  ?????  ?       ?????????????  ????? ?? ????  ? ?????  ? ?????
      :     ?   ?           ????????????  ?   ? ?? ???  ?? ?   ? ?? ?   ?
      :     ?????          ?       ?????  ????? ?????  ??  ????? ?  ?????
      .     ????? ?    ??  ???   ? ?????  ?????    ???  ?? ?????  ? ?????
      .     ????? ?  ????  ????? ? ?????  ????? ?? ????  ? ????? ?? ?????
      ·     ????? ? ?????  ????? ? ?????  ????? ?? ????? ? ????? ??
?????             ·
?????·?·?????··?????·?·?????··?????·??·?????·?·?????·??·?????         ·
           ???? ? ?????  ????? ? ?????  ????  ?  ????? ? ????? ?  ????
     ·            ???????????  ???????????    ??       ?????   ?????    ??
                              ???                    ????
                                ?                      ??

This is our social protest to all rotting from violence and fear to:
the  world. By all assholes, making money on trust. To all political
rats thirsting, To cut off from a part. Everyone, who divides of the
people  in  classes  and levels, as a puff pie. To all dictators and
other  pseudo-owners  of  the  world, dreaming to use human Freedom,
placing   them   some  restrictions,  structure  and  trajectory  of
behaviour  to  itself somewhere. Who tries to make all man by a part
of a not conscious working material. Everyone, who wants to stop us.
Everyone,  who  wants  to  establish  the order in the world. We for
inviolability of human freedom. We for the clean world. We for clean
consciousness. We for infinity of the world, for freedom, dream also
hope for a  spirit  of  clean  air,  which  will  give us force on
struggle. The rotten people. The black sky. The lifeless feeling of
the  approach  untied  among  themselves tests. Madness to be, that,
whom  you - not, also delirium. It is impossible, is in two modular
conditions  in  one  and  too  instant.  To  think  of  it already -
emergency  phenomenon.  The  phenomenon of empty, dead life. Life of
other  time. Other founder and it are natural other relation. We any
more  do  not  trust  legality.  In the promises. We any more do not 
search  for  the  heroes,  and  we do not wait last indicator, after 
thermonuclear  of  explosion.  We  do  not trust education those who 
already  on the dark party, on the party those who wants to make the 
world on own similarity. We do not wish to replace other cheek, when 
already  all man is at Stages of destruction. Light - is close, when 
knows a way to self-destruction. The explosion of all molecules will 
result in regeneration of Life on a ground.

The honorable Bunchu and Kou Hiko must do their best to thwart Dakki, 
   the immortal who has bewitched their beloved Emperor.


		Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
                               Remain close to the Great Spirit.
                           Show great respect for your fellow beings.
                          Work together for the benefit of all mankind
                          Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
                                  Do what you know to be right.
                           Look after the well-being of mind and body.
                    Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
                              Be truthful and honest at all times.
                         Take full responsibility for all your actions.

Ripped : Nothing
He gets roaring drunk, of course!

They stole the crack from Deviance - although Deviance has not spread 
around the details we assume they managed to steal one of the cracking 
tools Deviance crackers made to do the job. Infinity was summarily nuked 
for the stolen crack, as well as rumors of the game being beta (which is 
not unusual when a game gets put out 3 weeks ahead of release).
We know today that the Infinity release was not a beta.  It is in fact
identical to our release, except for the crack.  We did not steal the
crack, in fact we cracked it ourselves!

In reality, however, she is just another lonley soul looking for love 
wherever she can create it.

And always remember: we do this just for FUN. We are against any
     profit or commercialisation of piracy. We do not spread anything,
     others do that. In fact, we BUY all our own games with our own
     money, as we love game originals. Nothing beats a quality original.
     And if you like this game, BUY it. We did!

nfo design by orgazzzmo
No Preservatives No Additives All Natural!!

Judgement came to life with real people in mind -
the ones with kids, jobs, hobbies and a desire to learn.
Bookware, art, fonts and kids games just aren\'t what they
used to be. Today we have font packs that cost hundreds
of dollars, kids games every bit as detailed as their adult
counterparts, digital art collections to inspire even the
least creative of us - and bookware that can teach us
anything we care to learn. With this in mind, we offer
a wide selection of titles - truly something for everyone.  =)


SweetDreamZ  have openings for rippers who live near XXX
rental stores.
Training will be provided if required and rewards will be
given in return.

The Society Of Sharing was founded in 1998 to gather application
afficiandos together for the purpose of sharing knowledge and
resources. We will always strive to do  whatever we can to make
sure that resources and knowledge reach the inexperienced and
experts alike. We did not appoint our name, we earned it, as we
have always worked on a donation basis only, and take pride as 		 such.

We support you guys, but we can't support stealing cracks.

DownLink releases applications, dvds, and games for families. We release
mainly educational games and applications, believing kids will be able 
to learn much faster and easier with our releases.
We do this only for the kids, and for fun!

We endorse the following XXX rules and encourage other 
groups/sites/scene members to insist they are followed also. 

a) Production year must be within a year of release date
b) Release date must be within 1 month of official store date, based on 
          what format it gets released on first, vhs or dvd. 

c) 3 cd releases are ok for first run features but not for amateur or 
   compilations, anything on www.jadedvideo.com listed as CAT: 4Hour 
should be a nuke and is just garbage.
d) VHS rips only allowed when a title is not also out on dvd. everyone 
gets ripped off when a group does a vhs capture when it\'s also out on dvd.

			Extract, burn, install, enjoy.
                  "Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed works." 


Saga, living in a small European town, meets a tiny little fairy that no 
one else can see. The fairy's name is Sugar, and she looks for a 
"Twinkle" to become a full-fledged Snow Fairy! After Saga takes
Sugar home, her life is full of fairies as Sugar's friends Wind Fairy 
Pepper and Sun Fairy Salt arrives to play and help keep Sugar out of 
trouble. If only someone else could see what Saga is going through...


Katsumi, Tina, Betty Sue, Annie Love, Honey, Trixie Kelly, Gwen Nicole, 
Eliza, Mr. Pete, Brian Surewood, Anthony Hardwood, Dave Hardman, Trent 
Tesoro, John Strong

QUANTUM is a team of friends with a vision to explore new talents and to 
expand its product line.
That being said, team QUANTUM is looking for help in the following 

Oh, and by the way, you all still suck.

That's all folks, and beware of your dONGLE :)

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