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<nettime> The Ultimate Straussian Links
Brian Holmes on Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:41:36 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> The Ultimate Straussian Links

>Via our friends Patrice Riemens and, apparently, John Armitage, 
>grist for the mill of our eternal friend and ally (but please, w/o 
>any Schmittian overtones!) Kermit Snelson, and maybe a look for 
>y'all into Open Democracy if you don't yet know that bit of "civil 
>society" -

I hereby present

The Ultimate Straussian Links !

Just click to your heart's content and your soul's dismay on the 
underlined words in the Drury interview...

Don't forget the link to Kojčve !


>Dear openDemocracy member
>2 weeks ago http://www.openDemocracy.net published 'Noble lies and perpetual
>war', Danny Postel's interview with professor Shadia Drury. The article
>dissects the political philosophy of Leo Strauss: a key influence on George
>Bush's neo-con advisors.
>Drury has been tracking the rise of Strauss' ideas and disciples for many
>years, from obscure seminar rooms all the way to the White House. She argues
>that there is a current of deception and manipulation in US policy that
>flows directly from Strauss' doctrines - including his adaptation of Plato's
>idea that the 'noble lie' is a legitimate tool of government.
>Straussians in the Bush administration include deputy secretary of defence,
>Paul Wolfowitz, who recently acknowledged that the evidence used to justify
>the Iraq war was "murky".
>If you haven't had a chance to read the article - take a look
>This explosive interview has created a flurry of activity, debate and
>critique across cyberspace. From the Straussians own website - which
>unsurprisingly castigates Drury - to august institutions like Harvard,
>radical magazines like Mother Jones, high quality web aggregators like Arts
>and Letters Daily and dozens of weblogs, debate over this article, and the
>wider issues it raises has been colourful and intense.
>We want to alert you to this vibrant, entertaining debate:
>Please join in by posting your responses here:

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