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nettime's_spam_kr!k!t on Tue, 4 Nov 2003 23:43:58 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> us army

     [from <some spammer>]

Dear Sir/Ma, 

We are teams of American coalition troops writing from Baghdad Iraq! 

We are urgently seeking for your willingness to secure the below consignments
as shown in the attached photos! 

The goods were captured here in Baghdad, abandoned in one of the Saddam
Hussein's Treasure House.  However, the goods consist of Gold Bars, Gold coins
and huge amount of fund in the sealed boxes! 

At this moment, we are intending to ship these goods outside Iraq for reasons
of safekeeping on our behalf but due to law and restriction order, we are
unable to transport the goods to AMERICA that is the reason why we are
soliciting for your interest to assist us in receiving the goods on our behalf
preferably in Europe. 

We are ready to meet to your demand on this basis with our intending 25% of the
entire goods either in cash or in value.

Therefore, we will appreciate your effort to reach back via email confirming
your interest to assist us receive the consignment.

As soon as we receive your positive reply, we shall furnish you with further

Please, note, this issue must be handled with utmost confidentiality as to
avoid publicity! 

Yours truly. 

Capt. STELLA .A  (Team Leader)

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