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Re: <nettime> WSJ: Can Copyright Be Saved?
Heiko Recktenwald on Mon, 10 Nov 2003 11:11:12 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> WSJ: Can Copyright Be Saved?

Well, to correct myself, things are complicated ;-)
As much as I hate DRM, yesterday, I saw something in the german "Bild
Zeitung", well, thats what many people read, an interesting piece of shit
or literature, something to read, food for the eyes, not really a
newspaper, something else, and they announced a pay per view solution of
cinema, developped by german telecom. "Why not?" I asked myself. There is
no privat copying possible, but if you go into a cinema, you would not copy
the movie too. You have no right to do so too.

The DRM problem has many sides, maybe the price is something that solves
things. DVDs should be copyed, well, thats a thing, a truc, like a record,
but it is more expensiv than pay per view.


> Copyright nd DRM are two completely different things anyway. Copyright is
> something human, a social something, DRM is technic. Copyright has
> exeptions and an end, DRM not. DRM kills copyright as a social thing, DRM
> is just tyranny. The main point is: You cannot obey the law if you cant
> break it, if you cant break it, thats DRM, the law just disappears.
> It is a strange optic to say the digital times kill copyright. They have
> made copying just easier. A lot of people used Napster etc, but not all.
> And so on. Nothing against creative commons, it is just another use of
> copyright.
> H.

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