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<nettime> about Cicrle ID
geert lovink on Mon, 24 Nov 2003 11:38:05 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> about Cicrle ID

Insight through Connected Intelligence


CircleID: collaborative intelligence hub for the Internet's core
infrastructure & policies

CircleID Network is a unique collaborative hub that shares the control of
its content with the community it serves. Matters discussed here are
related to Internet's core infrastructure and they affect every
organization and individual who has come to rely on the Internet --
commercially or otherwise.

CircleID is a connected intellectual medium for the awareness and
improvement of policies, regulations, and technological developments that
concern the Domain Name System, Internet Protocol Addresses, Domain Names
and all other Internet naming and addressing issues essential to the
fundamental functionality of the Internet.

The net result achieved through the collective participation of CircleID
community is an up-to-date resource, rich with insights, comments,
articles, and interviews that have an immediate and direct benefit for all
participants as well as the overall progress of the Internet. It is this
collective participation that gives the Internet its magnificent power;
this phenomenon must be understood and respected in order to truly benefit
from the full potential of the Internet. CircleID is here to improve with
its community; it's here to unite; it's a spotlight for constructive
insights and innovative ideas; it's unbiased; it's here to benefit the
Internet's core infrastructure.

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