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<nettime> Info on HighNoon--remote online project during WSIS
geert lovink on Wed, 26 Nov 2003 13:18:48 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Info on HighNoon--remote online project during WSIS

High | Noon call by geneva03 initiative!

1 Towards HIGHNOON
In recent years media activism has evolved globally from local pirate
radios, video activist groups and paper zines into complex networks of
alliances that use ICT to bridge the physical gap in txt, visual and sonic
media, as well as those of distance and feasibility. Some of these networks
(like Indymedia) have showed the way for others how to structure the
information agregation and desemination process.

Recently a diverse group of media activists, artists and programers
initiated project HighNoon which is set out to develop a new model that
would suite better for moving image. Agregation of video has already been
experimentaly established in recent months by v2v project
(http://www.v2v.cc), using free software, open formats and standards to
encode, store and syndicate production quality video in sustainable and
managable way.

Further along this road we wanna develop methods and models to fill these
archives with quality content and make it available for others to engage
within this social, media and technical development. By using free
technologies, working on models of inclusion and adressing social issues
within so called "information society" we are initiating HighNoon platform
for delivery of this media through networks to all connected. Being early
in development stage we need your support in submiting content, testing
technology, commiting resources and adopting standards we agree on. Join us
as we build HighNoon for its first incarnation in counter program to World
Summit of Information Society!

High Noon is an audiovisual protest over three days (Dec 10-12) that
gathers objections against the WSIS in Geneva in order to assert our claims
to the so called "information society".

Since we are reluctant to report from yet another useless global summit to
the rest of the world, we want to engage international participation in
this media event that inverts the centralistic self-referential structure
set-up by WSIS in order to distribute media presence equally between
time-zones. High Noon works as an interface for confronting and exposing
rhetorics of the WSIS by the variety of media contributions and
interventions uploaded by media activists and artists from around the
globe. We will be following the revolution of the sun using its light as a
scanner to raise up local experiences and stories to tell. For three days
it will be always midday in HighNoon. For each midday you are invited to
participate rather than be represented!

3 CREATING AN ARCHIVEArchive will be assembled, from which HighNoon stream
will be programmed, out of copylefted audiovisual media with all
authors/producers credited acordingly.

This effort will not end after the WSIS. One of the main goals of this
effort is to create a stable media archive for further collaborations and
to test technical endurance and efficiency of independent infrastructures
(video archive, database of metadata, streaming servers), as well as new
models of procreative media expression and translocal networking.

Proposed topics are:

digital divide and access - community media and media activism
borders and migration - immaterial labor - hardware manufacturing
open source development - copyright and intellectual property
war and infowar - media monopolies and privatization - censorship and
freedom of expression

a) SUBMIT A VIDEO: We call for videos to upload in the archive. We will
then compress for streaming (to stream is to broadcast on the net).

We call for actions and events to broadcast live using the net. We will
screen in WSIS arena and in remote locations.

We call for public screenings of the stream from Geneva. We will open local
inputs through IRC channels, webboards, streams to We Seize!

Every local initiative will be free to organize its own schedule for the
streamings, picking up videos from the archive. At the same time the
geneva03 collective will provide a default streaming of all the materials
in scheduled program.

If you have media to upload or to send, actions to stream live or wanna
join in development process please write to highnoon {AT} geneva03.org

For additional info please follow progress at

For further information on the - WSIS? We Seize! - check

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