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<nettime> Governing Hollywood Style
Randall M. Packer on Fri, 28 Nov 2003 18:56:49 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Governing Hollywood Style

George W. Bush has performed another one of his Hollywood stunts, 
this time, on the tarmac of Baghdad International Airport, to give 
thanks to the troops on Thanksgiving.

According to the NY Times, "Now, in a single day, Mr. Bush may have 
managed to supplant what has become the single most problematic image 
of him in this war: The picture of him swaggering across an aircraft 
carrier in front of a banner reading 'Mission Accomplished.'"

The first stunt was a real bomb (no pun intended), but has George W. 
finally delivered a performance that will bring acclaim from the 

It was a moment fraught with imagery. Ronald Reagan's role as US 
President during the 1980s is beginning to pale in comparison to the 
artistry and sheer audacity of George W. Bush. Fortunately, too many 
people see through these laughable attempts to stage empty theatrics 
designed for political gain. When you have nothing of substance to 
say to the world, when you must lie to cover up failed policy, you 
turn to the tricks of media and illusion to deliver your message.

Governing Hollywood style can only go so far. Yet, with the 
Terminator now fully installed in Sacramento, is America's view of 
reality numbed if not entirely eradicated by the political suspension 
of disbelief?

Randall M. Packer
Secretary, US Department of Art & Technology

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