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<nettime> Dream by dream, dreams come true
Olia Lialina on Mon, 1 Dec 2003 17:04:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Dream by dream, dreams come true

Merry Christmas
Applet Art from Bora Bora

Already for 3 years we live in the new millennium. We have fast
computers, broadband connections, huge flat screens, there are even
three buttons on our mouses. And there are so many of us that the bridge
over the Digital Divide will soon break under our weight. We are in the

But very often WWW makes this impression disappear. Leaving messages in
blogs, rephrasing thoughts for google, opening and closing tiny pages
that do not even have a scrollbar and skipping intros is not the future,
it is the fantasy of developers prepared for Y2K crash, but not for Y2K.
Emergency scenario.

Absolutely another feeling is when you see how 90s utopias come true.
One can now put 3000 animated gifs on one HTML page and the browser will
not crash. You can go through VRML worlds fast and smooth. Background
images download before you finish to read the first paragraph.

Dream by dream, dreams come true. Recently I found out that Java Applets
don’t freeze my browser any more. Lakes, puzzles, mosaics, lenses,
fractals, plasmas, running texts, rotating menus. It is exactly them who
make the web to be a very special place. What a pity that they were
overlooked by designers and artists (probably because they never worked
on Macs) and are not a part of the web of today.

It is really a shame that we were not patient enough and blamed java
applets developers every time our PCs crashed. As if it is the biggest
trouble in the world to restart your computer.

To correct this aesthetic injustice I decided to devote the
Teleportacia net art workshop at French Polynesian Bora Bora to java
applets. To come back to the roots and to work with classics of the genre.

Fortunately my plan worked: Young Bora Borian artists appeared very
sensitive to the traditions of the web. Without any ambition to conquer
the European media art market they made an invaluable contribution to
web culture.

I would like to thank Fabio Ciucci and all the participants for their
enthusiasm. Marc-Andre Zani of L’Appetisserie Cyber Cafe — for hosting
the workshop and allowing us to install Java Runtime Environment despite
the complains of other clients. Personal of Meridian hotel for
unforgettable beds and breakfasts. And of course this trip and project
would not have happened without financial support from the Society of
American-Russian Veterans of WWII and Veterans of Resistance Union (Italy).


Olia Lialina

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