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RE: <nettime> Eco: Vegetal and mineral memory: The future of books
PSat on Wed, 3 Dec 2003 13:50:19 +0100 (CET)

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RE: <nettime> Eco: Vegetal and mineral memory: The future of books

"Yet, my praise for libraries will be a little more optimistic. I belong to
the people who still believe that printed books have a future and that all
fears / propos/ of their disappearance are only the last example of other
fears, or of milleniaristic terrors about the end of something, the world

I am an ebook publisher, I have done it since two years now, just as a
I have a website with more than 700 free ebooks for the TK3 reader ( that in
my opinion is the best program since it allows audio, animations and any
kind of features than somebody would expect from an ebook)

I made more than 700, but I still prefer the printed ones.
I like to read in bed or at least in a comfortable position, having
something in my hands.

But I guess my habits will dramatically change when there will be on the
market an affordable Tablet PC.
Then, it will be like having something like what we are used to.
Books will never disappear, they will just change.
The size will be measured not on the page number, but on the Kb size.
They will be as thin as a CDRom.
We won't have any problem in having our own library at home, neither
regarding space nor cost.

And the books will be full of images (no cost of ink or special paper), full
of animations, sounds (impossible for the paper books).
It will be easy to follow a link, to upgrade the scientific ones, to change
them, to rewrite them, to use them, to scan them, to do all we ever could
dream to do.

I am a book lover, I always was, since I was a child.
I loved to see a book, to touch it, to open it, to look at the pictures, to
read it and to dream about the story.

That is why I am an ebook lover.
Because I will be able to own all the books that I like and want, to open
them, to store them, to read them, to listen to them, to look at the
pictures and the movies.

Welcome electronic books, you will open a new world also to people who
couldn't afford to enter it.
You will allow to share ideas,culture, knowledge, news, stories, everything.
It will be a step further in what  man what created for: to communicate.

"That is what every great book tells us, that God passed there, and He
passed for the believer as well as for the sceptic. There are books that we
cannot re-write because their function is to teach us about necessity, and
only if they are respected such as they are can they provide us with such
Their repressive lesson is indispensable for reaching a higher state of
intellectual and moral freedom."

Providing that you are able (you can afford) to read them.....

This sentence could look like a stupid one for people who are used to have
the chance to reach all the books they want.

Coming back to my website.
The people who download my ebooks are people from countries like India or
East Europe.

They wouldn't have other chances to read them.
They are enthusiastic, and sometimes somebody writes to me:
Thanks for your effort, I enjoy your website.

I do not charge, I do not earn, but this is my reward.


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