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Re: <nettime> wrong signals
Jorn Ebner on Mon, 22 Dec 2003 05:43:06 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> wrong signals

> Von: David Garcia <davidg {AT} xs4all.nl>

> John Wayne style triumphalism

The capture makes the whole war enterprise look even more ludicrous and
strange. It is like capturing some mass murderer in some American State -
but not really like an International Evil Threat.

There we go, watch this Real-Life-Western Movie, but what else? Was is
10.000 or 15.000 Iraqis who have been killed on the road to find Saddam in
an earth hole, with a big beard? Not to forget that it was the French
government who started the hunt, the triumphs of which are now reaped by
George Bush - or how does the warped logic of the British government go now?
I wouldn't even want to try understand American logic, which probably
doesn't go anywhere beyond said triumphalism.

Triumphant of what exactly - that the great evil of weapons of mass
destruction is coming to an end, that the master mind of toppling the twin
towers has been captured? Bush is regaining voters' support because of
seizing Saddam. Why?

This really is very poor Theater. Get them off the stage, at your next
elections, those blairs and bushes, PLEASE.


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