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<nettime> I'm writing this paper and need your help [2x]
nettime's year end charity on Sun, 28 Dec 2003 13:24:01 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> I'm writing this paper and need your help [2x]

Table of Contents:

   p2p ideas...                                                                    
     ". __ ." <mail_box {AT} gmx.net>                                                     

   Syndicated NM/D/Net Art Sites                                                   
     liza sabater <listdiva {AT} culturekitchen.com>                                      


Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 17:28:37 +0100
From: ". __ ." <mail_box {AT} gmx.net>
Subject: p2p ideas...

Hey all,

a little Brainstorming from all of you would be great... just doing a
paper for university...

- - Statements to actual p2p developments (more than 4 letter words : ) ...

- - Interesting links Links, Innovations (eg TunA from the Europe Media Lab, Stream-Intercepts) ...

- - Strategies against the music industry

- - p2p as social and democratic phenomenon ?

- - Is lobbying against the music industry possible ?

- - Do you think it possible to organize users ?

- - Now that they crushed centralized structures, do you think the music industry has lost?

- - How to protect the new decentralized p2p nets (zB Encryption,Anonymizer-Blackboxes?! ...)

- - Will Universities back their students or not...

- - Alternative ways for the music industry to make money without
criminalizing their users (eg iTunes and iPod)

... and everything else that might come to your mind...

Thx and Cheers,



Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 20:58:00 -0500
From: liza sabater <listdiva {AT} culturekitchen.com>
Subject: Syndicated NM/D/Net Art Sites

Is your site syndicated?
Do you have am RSS/RDF/XML feed for your site?
Do you blog about art, tech, culture? Does your blog have a feed?

If you do, please drop me a line or two at:

liza {AT} culturekitchen.com

I am working on a article about net art and the metaweb.

l i z a

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