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<nettime> Ontology?
spornitz on Sun, 28 Dec 2003 21:46:04 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Ontology?

I know that a lot of you folks are a lot smarter about this stuff, but talk
of Ontology harkens me back to the works of R.D. Laing and his ideas of
ontology-of-self; I only bring this up because it's not too far a stretch
to say that the behaviours of the mental patients described in his "Sanity,
Madness and the Family" to escape parental manipulations are mirrored in
the kind of home-made webs that were built by *netizens* (netsters? :) back
in '93-'94 and I can see how the do-it-your-self-help approach to life as
reconciled in Laing's writing is born out in a movement that would use
terms like Ontology to describe a communication network.

Just a (sort-of, kind-of) thought.


t byfield <tbyfield {AT} panix.com> wrote:

>or: M*ke M*ney F*st as a part-time ontological envelope-stuffer!
>even boiled down to plain-vanilla ascii, this is *the* best discussion 
>i've seen about the chimerical 'semantic web.' i'm sending this version
>to nettime as a sort of nostalgic doff of the hat to 'collaborative
>text filtering' (which doesn't seem to be doing very well these days,
>at least not in this neighborhood), but don't miss the page itself:
>     < http://poorbuthappy.com/ease/semantic/ >...

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