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Re: <nettime> on new states of affairs
human being on Wed, 31 Dec 2003 13:48:49 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> on new states of affairs

  hi Dan,

  thanks for sharing your sense of things. i do
  not disagree that ideology may not be the
  only factor, yet still find it is a predominant
  one- throughout .US society no less. it can
  be seen in prevailing .US diplomacy, with
  Colin Powell in determining a 'change in
  attitude' between .US and .IR relations, it
  did not go over well as it is not reflecting,
  accurately, the nature of the relationship
  as it stands, it would seem, at the same
  time you have the Red Crescent and the
  Red Cross working side by side in a great
  loss of human life and culture. That this is
  an indication of how the role of institutions
  of the .UN and member nations as being
  a relevant and important structure may be
  one way of seeing how one-sided the .US
  position remains, ideologically, 'a change
  in attitude' is that the .US is not in charge,
  it is one of many members working together
  not dictating what will be nor how it will be.
  well, in the 'homeland' people seem to be
  a little restless with this official 'attitude' too.
  you can see it in the investigations publicly
  launched, in the hair-trigger responses to
  any threats, the unknown in a land which
  has worked to suppress facts and truths
  that do not support a very narrow political
  agenda, and now legal accounting awaits.

  watch how much information is controlled,
  by structures, by people, in the .US, as it is
  only that certain sanctioned realities are to
  be allowed- the DNC chair has to be asked
  to stop attacks on Dean (who everyone, in
  my opinion, should line up behind to make
  a charge for the Whitehouse, as he is what
  is needed- unless one wants what happens
  if you ignore this force-- the unrepresented
  and unrepresentable society so far behind
  their families, qualities of life, that reason is
  hard to exist to make a leap into voting, it is
  an irrational us or them scenario, which will
  come about one way or the other-- either a
  cultural transformation of values will occur,
  to change course, or a battle to the end, of
  private power denying the public its reality,
  will end up in an eventual violent chaos...)
  (this is to say, if 2004, only DEAN as there
  is only mediocrity or not-enough change to
  challenge the ruling party on principles-- if
  Clintons and others do not get behind Dean,
  including the DNC machinery, and he bolts,
  good-- the DNC is a goner, they are worth-
  less besides their own babyboomer myth-
  making, self-importance, and celebration
  of status quo achievements, incremental.
  Dean, however human, has the guts to
  say it like it is, and everyone is pouncing,
  especially spineless Joe Leiberman who
  belongs in an Enron settlement movement
  for his political stances and moral hypocrisy.

  If the .US can get its own house in order,
  it should be able to relate within a .UN
  structure, and renormalize basic relations.
  so to wake up the citizenry to what awaits,
  the big changes, and the need to start at it.
  it is like moving the firmament, at least for
  what exists now in the psychology in the
  .US, everyone is needed to work together
  to make it happen. the last people to help
  will be those with vested interests, such as
  political institutions who believe short-term,
  as it is their term. beyond baby-boomerism.
  beyond the selfish, contrite, egomaniacal.
  people think those in the .US are arrogant
  to speak up, yet to live here everyone wants
  one to shut up, to be silent, we need to find
  a way to be on the same side, there is a
  time to fall behind, put differences aside,
  for the larger goal. Dean's putting it on the
  line-- deserves ultimate support for this. it
  cannot be isolated, by Safire or any others.
  you know what happens when there is not
  a lot of news, bad things like plane crashes.

  It is time to support Dean as the .US political
  candidate versus the GO-Partisan party-- it
  is middle-of-the-road, there is a chance to
  make the changes-- and if someone is going
  to go the distance, everyone needs to go with
  him. This is not about private politics, but the
  survival of a public democratic state. Some
  are best in politics, nothing is perfect, yet if
  it is close enough to real- with everyone in it
  the changes can happen peacefully. we are
  on the same side, everyone who wants to
  change to face what is missing in policies
  today, to date. and the only person who is
  giving those speeches, who has the mind,
  the meaning, the reason, is Dean. this is it.
  the Clintons should get behind him too, as
  it is bigger than they are, even if they cannot
  imagine it. It is too important to bureaucratize.

  didn't plan to write this, yet, given the givens,
  there is a total attack underway, never know
  what will happen-- so i believe at least-- it is
  time to fall behind Dean and start to march
  into the Whitehouse in 2004. that's a future.
  this is middle-of-the-road, institutionalists try
  to make this be 'radical', and this is who Karl
  Rove handpicked for Bush II to go against.
  they picked the fight, and he is ready to go...


  brian thomas carroll: research-design-development
  architecture, education, electromagnetism

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