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cisler {AT} inreach.com on Sun, 4 Jan 2004 23:04:42 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Silicon Valley puntime

I enjoy seeing the way English is mused on this mailing list. I sometimes
see words that have been processed and tranlated by German and French
philosophers, and I can't find them in my dictionary.

Here's an article from the print version of the San Jose Mercury News about
new words and definitions coined by local readers as part of a contest that
drew 1700 entries.  I'll just mention a few that reflect Silicon Valley

Steve Cisler, Conslutant

 <The complete list is not online just yet.>

offshorn (f shrn) vt. Getting cut because your job moved overseas.

egosystem (ego sis t m) n. The self-sustaining collection of yes-men and
sycophants who orbit around sports stars, celebrities and various

Crisco (kris ko) n. A person who got fried by buying Cisco at $80 a share.
Luddate (lud at) n. Someone you are going out with who does not understand
the valley's obsession with technology

motherbored (muth r brd) n. In many homes, a technology discussion at
dinner between father and the kids.

wus-band n. Ex-husband.

Microsofa (mi kro so f ) n. A piece of furniture which, while it looked
fine in the showroom, gradually begins to dominate the living room,
eventually forcing you to replace all the other furniture, including the
TV, to be ``compatible.''

downloafing.   Surfing the net when you should be working.

flagulence --  An outburst of flags. such as on Veterans Day. 

sellular  -- what wireless really means to the phone industry.

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