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<nettime> Springtime of the Movements
ben moretti on Mon, 5 Jan 2004 02:06:30 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Springtime of the Movements

# hello nettimers. you may find this interesting - 
# radio national in australia had a report on sunday 
# on the current italian leftist popular movements in
# the berlusconi context. you can listen to it via
# real audio using the link below. happy new year to
# all! cheers, ben


Springtime of the Movements 


Details or Transcript:

Silvio Berlusconi had the dubious honour this week of
being the first serving prime minister of Italy to
appear at his own trial. Hes been accused of shady
business deals involving government property.

But, as Jason di Rosso reports, it seems that
Berlusconi may also have the honour of helping fuel
the resurgence of the popular left in Italy today. So
powerful is he and his government, that the
"official", parliamentary left is struggling to
contain him. If you disagree with the current
political agenda, your only option, it seems, is to
take to the streets - and Italians have been doing
just that in record numbers. 

In the past few years a new social protest movement
has emerged which not only seeks to redefine the idea
of the left in Italy, but which freely exports its
techniques and style to other protests, in other parts
of the world. 

ben moretti

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