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<nettime> economic democracy project
Ryan Griffis on Thu, 8 Jan 2004 01:17:19 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> economic democracy project

below is an email received from the econ-dem list:
EconomicDemocracy.org has teamed up with Michael
MacKinnon, author of "Towards Global Self-Management"
to create a new, unique
discussion-and-collaborative-planning website.

Many people around the world have come to realise the
problems with capitalism, centralised government,
corporate controlled media, authoritarian schooling,
etc. Some of these people are now dedicated to
**constructing alternatives** that are based on
participatory democracy, mutual aid and
self-management. This website was created to act as a
tool for these people.

The forums on this site are for people to use for
helping each other to develop **plans of action** and
for discussing **specific projects** that will
contribute to the process of decentralising wealth and
power worldwide. The forums are NOT for discussing WHY
we need to create alternatives. Instead they are for
discussing HOW.

Ground Action forums are to be used only by those who
are both anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian and
who agree on the basic principles of self-management,
participatory democracy and mutual aid. As explained
above Ground Action has a very specific purpose.
Please do not use these forums for general political
discussion. There are many other sites with forums for

A lot of work has been put into making this a unique
website for those who already agree on the basics of
"what's wrong with the present system" AND who agree
(broadly speaking) on "what kind of new system do we
want?" (non-capitalist, non-Statist, democratic,
egalitarian, liberatory..) and focus on tactics,
strategies, and specific projects for "how to get from
here to there"

You may use the "introduce yourself" and the "How to
Improve the GroundAction" forums for their obvious
intended purposes; the "other" section at the main
"GROUND ACTION Forum Index" also includes a place for
broader discussions of "Left-Wing Libertarian
Political Theories".

Please 1)discuss only strategies in the strategy
forums, and 2) please discuss only your ideas on
implementing (and, of course,
improving/modifying/expanding) any given project, in
that project's forum, unless a new topic like this one
is open; you may reply here with your open-ended
thoughts. 3) Likewise in the "Seeds of the New World"
forum, if someone posts an example of an on going
institution, please reply only to it, in the replies,
though you can create a new thread in that forum for
other institutions. Similarly in "Types of
Non-Hierarchical Organizations" and "Non-Capitalistic
Trading Systems" 

That having been said, **you are encouraged to
participate** by posting on-topic replies to projects
(in a constructive way about how to implement, expand,
or improve them) or, to post your own project ideas
(at least your fist post should be something you could
call an "article" -- proofread and organized, not "off
the top of my head", though your followups to
inquiries and input from others, can be as informal as
you like)

At all times please be civil and constructive. At the
same time, know that Michael, Harel, and others who
have spent many hours writing up essays on strategy
and proposed project, *do certainly* want your input,
and further, even your becoming an equal, co-author of
the final project -- you can become an equal "owner"
of the ideas as they evolve. (They only ask that you
treat essay/articles which have have been developed
over several years and have gone through revisions
already, with the respect you would want for something
you had put a similar amount of time into.) 

We hope to see you on http://GroundAction.com 
please have a look!


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