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Re: <nettime> An ID for ID makes the whole world a mess :)
karla brunet (email) on Fri, 16 Jan 2004 17:32:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> An ID for ID makes the whole world a mess :)

This ID photo had a  big repercussion here in Brazil. It made Brazilians 
proud of themselves, because we are used to be rejected/denigrated and 
we accept that. This is not about revenge, it is a reciprocity law (if 
we need a visa, they need a visa, if we need to be identified, they need 
to be identified.). It is said that the pilot and his crew were making 
fun of the Brazilian identification, laughing of it, saying it is a 
joke. Even though  De Gaule once said that Brazil is not a serious 
country. There is a lot of serious people here, working seriously. It is 
a lot more than soccer and carnival.

It was interesting to see the people interviewed on the subject. The 
great majority said agreed with the procedures of the federal police 
saying that if a Brazilian would have done the same gesture in the USA, 
for sure he/she would be denied the entry and would have been taken to 
court. In the end the story had a happy end: the pilot slept a night in 
the airport and American Airlines paid a fee to free him. The fee was 
donated to an old folk's home nearby the airport. At least some people 
were beneficiated from his joke.


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> With thanks to Paul Wouters.
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> Brazil Jails American Airlines Pilot Over Fingerprinting Snub

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