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<nettime> authors & fonts
Brandon Keim on Wed, 28 Jan 2004 07:04:47 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> authors & fonts

I've long wondered what fonts authors use while writing.  Not the fonts they
like when seeing their work polished and in print, but the font of their
craft itself -- the long, solitary hours spent typing in front of a monitor,
printing, editing, typing, printing . . . and on and on.

I myself have used a personal computer for the gruntwork of writing since
about 1993; after a brief flirtation with Arial I changed to Courier New,
which I use to this day, despite the world of typefaces which eventual
training in graphic design would open to me.  I could go on at length about
the virtues of Courier New:  unadorned but not spare, reminiscent of the
typewriter but not derivative, and easy on my eyes, it never comes between
my thoughts and my words.  Except for love letters, which should always be
handwritten, I can use Courier for anything, while there is much that I
could never do in Helvetica or -- horror -- Times New Roman.

So . . . as an informal information-gathering effort . . . I welcome all you
who work extensively with words to post your own font preferences, and to
forward this to others; replies can also be sent to brandon {AT} gene-watch.org.
And if someone wants to Metafilter this, we can *really* get some data


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