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May 02, 2004

Heritage event speaker calls for third-party Meese ticket

At a Heritage Foundation luncheon Friday in Chicago, Edwin Meese III was
drafted to run for President on a third-party ticket. The speaker
condemned Bush as an inadequate free-markets candidate, calling the
administration's war in Iraq "the biggest market distortion in the history
of humankind" and "crony corporate welfare on a truly gigantic scale."
Meese, Attorney General under Ronald Reagan, was in attendance but did not
immediately respond.

On Thursday night Meese presented the Heritage Foundation's Salvatori
Prize in American Citizenship to Virginia Walden-Ford, Executive Director
of DC Parents for School Choice. Ms. Walden-Ford, a mother from Washington
DC, successfully led a local battle to provide private school vouchers for
students, including her own son, trapped in gutted public schools. Her son
is now serving in the US Marines. 

The luncheon concluded the Heritage Foundation's 27th annual Resource Bank
meeting in Chicago. This year's event celebrated the 60th anniversary of
"The Road to Serfdom," a seminal free market treatise by Friedrich Hayek.
The conference focused on limiting "market distortions" such as Medicare,
and on ending "corporate welfare" including protectionary tariffs.

Edwin J. Feulner, President of the Heritage Foundation, declared, "Too
many conservatives lose hope. They doubt that the liberal welfare state
can be brought to collapse.... In short, they doubt that The Heritage
Foundation's Vision for America can be achieved."

The complete text of the Meese nomination follows. For video of the
nomination, visit http://www.socialstability.org/video/meese.mp4

"I would like to salute that very brave woman, Virginia Walden-Ford, who
yesterday proved to us that through individual initiative and free
markets, all of us can rescue our children from shoddy government
education so they can learn what they need in order to compete in a free
American marketplace.

"But there is a nine-hundred pound gorilla in the room. Instead of
fighting in the free American marketplace, this brave woman's son is
fighting for what I think we all, or many of us here agree is a case of
crony corporate welfare, a market distortion on a truly gigantic scale.

"Ms. Walden-Ford's story convinced me that our political choices in the
next election are simply not adequate. And I propose that on this historic
anniversary of The Road to Serfdom, we take a giant step for Hayek's free
market by drafting a real free-markets candidate. And why not Edwin

"To the next President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of
America, Ed Meese!"

The Heritage Foundation is an influential conservative think tank in
Washington DC. 


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