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<nettime> Battisti : verdict on June 30th
Aliette Guibert on Sat, 15 May 2004 13:39:45 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Battisti : verdict on June 30th

Report and next meeting...

Last lawsuit, Paris, on Wednesday, May 12th, 5 PM - 9 PM

beloved Freedom / culture otherwise / final
Battisti cut

Verdict on June 30th!

    Attention ! The Press and the television désinforment (The World(Monde),
A2, Euro New, etc.) according to a lie of the title and the article by AFP
which also désinformera thus the foreign Press...
(Doubtless to be convenient for a pressure of the Chancellery):
" The general public prosecutor's department of Paris favorable to the
extradition of Battisti: the general public prosecutor's department of Paris
declared itself on Wednesday favorable to the extradition towards Cesare's
Italy [...] "

    FORGERY! (I can tell of as I was there)

1. This info fallen unless 8 pm ignores a whole pladoirie and half of the
other one (the indictment inaugurated the session but the instruction lasted
until 21 h).

3. An Italian lawyer came to show texts in hand of the legal limit of the
Battisti file within the framework of the Italian very law, and more still
towards the European law.

4. The prosecuting attorney is symbolically always in the role of the
indicter, that his indictment is against the accused person is thus normal.

5. The prosecuting attorney is not the prosecutor and do not thus represent
the general public prosecutor's department.

6. The general public prosecutor's department did not give opinion favorable
to the extradition and the judges will give their verdict only on June 30th.

    We can even say that the analysis of the file of the Italian government,
with falsified details(rooms) and the others modified, was rather oppressive
for this one and showed the manipulations denounced(cancelled) by lawyers.
And the examination of the file the files of arhives of which were rather
favorable to the refusal of extradition.

To see on June 30th if French Judges at last will succeed to resist. I hope


Comment: obnoxious attitude of the Italian journalists during the lawsuit
(chatting during the pleas and not stopping entering and bringing out and
twice slamming the door; specially when the heard of piece from a high
Italian expert on Italian law ).

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