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<nettime> the political rght today inItaly
Lorenzo Taiuti on Tue, 18 May 2004 00:59:45 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> the political rght today inItaly

   Sverko, Adriano said:
   "I am interested in learning more about the political climate
   currently in
   Italy from people that are living there. What are the deep cultural
   that are bringing people back to notions of irredentism?
   We have heard much about Berlusconi in English and American media. His
   conservative views. His mixing of  business and media and politics.
   But there are other events that seem under-reported. Before I
   continue, a
   bit of personal narrative: I happen to be from Istria and am of
   Italian and
   Croatian ancestry. I speak both languages.
   1. Some personal observations. The rise of Mussolini's granddaughter
   Italian politics, to lead the second largest right-wing party in Italy
   to not get--shall we say--the alarmist coverage it perhaps deserves."
   The rise of Mussolini's granddauhgter does not in itself seem to look
   so dangerous.
   Mussolini's breed is closer to aunt Sophia Loren than to her
   "splatter" grandfather.
   She is been in "showbusiness" without success and then became a
   In politics she brought a strange blend of naif activism, research for
   glamour and stardom and a popular good sense (still her aunt!) that
   brouhgt her to share women's rights problems with left political
   parties , practicing the familiar "transversal" gender politics of
   recent years.
   I do not think she is the real problem.
   Refusing the "betrayal" of Fini (actual leader of Alleanza Nazionale,
   former neo-fascist party) and claiming to be "faithful to old fascist
   principle" she divides farther what is left of the (very dangerous)
   old neo-fascist party and leads certain ideas to dustbin of old
   The real danger is sleek, smarty, calculating Mr Fini, able to bring a
   New Right from the race problem to the contact with Israel.
   His ideas look "news", his words are smooth, his politics winning.
   As for the old fool talking about "Istria to Italians!" or whatever,
   do not worry.
   He does not represent any reality.

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