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<nettime> normady landing
porculus on Mon, 24 May 2004 11:06:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> normady landing

er lets me tell a going flat truth vrybody just would want to try to
believe, me include in my american dream, but even a john wayne cant
afford in his alcoholic ones, you cant plant democratie as monsanto gmo &
by ze way hang some desesperado & nothing was left to chance catch ousamaz
by his bearb cause of course he would picnic around & coming back just
befor thanks giving, just after a small stop for filling it up for all the
family for a decade at last & once at home, after the turkey, melting down
all the ka´da's booty, sword & kalashnikov in scharzy's dishwasher brand &
selling back this peace stuff all over the world cause it couldn't break

cause if that balls up you know what happen ? you wake up in reading in
press girlz & guyz as baudrillard or zontag telling american people are
just a bunch of pornographique ugly baboune who achieve to show their ass
in playing video games, telling their even dream is to fail all, lost
their job, be cuckold & achieve to obtain what even andy couldn't hope
only for some second, to pose panz down in a brit tabloid, covered in spit
with a pork sausage roll as crown & holding a sign on wihch one could read
'american, king of the world'..then you are probably as the others, if you
would want to give you just a small chance

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