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<nettime> A spectre is haunting Europe - the GNU Spectrum...
tomislav medak on Fri, 28 May 2004 14:37:27 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> A spectre is haunting Europe - the GNU Spectrum...

GNU Spectrum public discussion


With the publication of the "GNU Pauk" reader forthcoming, we invite you
to an open online discussion of the selection of reader texts in english
collected under the title "GNU Spectrum" and to be found at the
http://www.gnupauk.org/EnglishGnuSpectrum. There you can find links to all
the original texts and to their translations into Croatian that will be
published in the reader. The entire discussion will be published intact on
a CD ROM that will come with the print publication.

The "GNU Spectrum" discusses the alternatives to the restrictive
understanding and legislative regulation of intellectual property and
copyright that serve today to uphold the corporate interests of music,
film and entertainment industry in general. The examples of such distorted
perspectives can also be found in the appropriation of scientific research
and discoveries (in medicine, genetic engineering, biotechnologies etc.)
by the private capital by means of absurd patents or monopolization of
distribution of scientific papers in privately owned scientific newspapers
accessible only to the richest.

"GNU Spectrum" is a collection of essays inspired by the Free Software
movement which, with its collaborative model of production, increasingly
imposes itself as a successful alternative to the Microsoft monopoly on
the OS market. Tomislav Medak and Marcell Mars have made a selection of
texts by the prominent theoreticians of new media and technologies and
prominent actors in the GNU movement, who reflect on the possibilities of
resistance to the stifling of freedom to create, collaborate and share in
the broader field of intellectual production. Richard Barbrook, Manuel
DeLanda, Lawrence Lessig, Richard Stallman, Josephine Berry a.o.  
announce the move towards GNU in art, economy, social theory, politics...

The print publication, "GNU Pauk". will be published during July by the
Multimedia Institute and DAF (both Zagreb, Croatia). In the spirit of the
GNU movement everyone can participate in the production of this book, by
proposing and commenting the selection of texts, issues in them and
translations into croatian that can be found at http://www.gnupauk.org and
that are available under the GNU General Public License. Your contribution
will be published on the CD ROM that will come with the print publication.

Kind regards,
Tomislav Medak


Tomislav Medak
tomi {AT} mi2.hr

Marcell Mars
m {AT} rcell.net

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