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Re: <nettime> International Support Letter for Steven Kurtz / CAE
Eugene Thacker on Thu, 3 Jun 2004 07:33:13 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> International Support Letter for Steven Kurtz / CAE

Hi all,

Great idea Eric. It seems that word has been slow to get around. Perhaps Carla 
Mendes, the CAE spokesperson, already has a letter of support, or is the 
person to draft one?

Another suggestion. Several colleagues I've talked to seem to have gotten the 
impression that the bio-art project 'caused' the death of Kurtz's wife. In 
order to prevent misunderstanding, the support letter could also reiterate a 
few points of clarification:
- That no connection between Kurtz's wife and CAE's equipment has been 
established (have FBI/Homeland Security officials made this clear?);
- That the CAE project in question (Free Range Grain) had, as one of its aims 
the creation of environmentally and medically safe testing procedures;
- That CAE has consistently consulted with and collaborated with those in the 
scientific community;
- That much of the so-called 'suspicious' equipment used by CAE can be ordered 
online or via telephone from life science supply catalogs (and many of them 
are routinely used in high school and college education) 


Eugene Thacker, PhD
Literature, Communication, & Culture
Georgia Institute of Technology
eugene.thacker {AT} lcc.gatech.edu

Quoting Eric Kluitenberg <epk {AT} xs4all.nl>:

> Dear friends,
> Is anybody already working on a support letter for Steven Kurtz?

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