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<nettime> MiniNTK now, 2004-06-04
Dave Green on Fri, 4 Jun 2004 23:44:29 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> MiniNTK now, 2004-06-04

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          [ NTK is on its June "Geeks Go Comatose!" Summer break, but
          we're interrupting that to give you this, the final outline
          of NOTCON, this Sunday's improvisational gabberfest. We're
          quite excited, though whether that's because it will turn
          out to be a watershed moment in the UK digital scene or
          because the prospect of imminent chaos always gets us hot,
          is as yet unclear.

          Turn up early, pay four quid (three if you can give us the
          URL of your RSS feed, or are in some other way pitied by
          normal society), and partake of the following: ]

                                  >> NOTCON <<

          OBLIGATORY LAST MINUTE PLEA: Got an LCD projector? Want to
          bring it along to NotCon? Email projectors {AT} ejhp.net . And if
          you have a nice long length of Cat-5, please bring that
          along too. (As if you wouldn't.) Mail cat5 {AT} ejhp.net to boast
          its imminent arrival. Ta!

     NotCon '04 is an informal, low-cost, one-day conference on things
     that technologies were perhaps not intended to do. It spans
     11am-7pm on Sunday June 6th, 2004.

     You can get to it by going to Imperial College Union, Beit Quad,
     Prince Consort Road, South Kensington SW7 2BB (nearest tubes
     South Kensington and Gloucester Road - NB: Piccadilly line only
     at weekend, no service on Circle line, no District line between
     Whitechapel and Earls Court). Some food (vending machines etc) 
     will beavailable at the venue but you are advised to visit local
     retailers and hostelries for more substantial fare.
                               - lat: 51:29:58N, lon: 0:10:39W (approx)
                                        - directions + local amenities

                                 >> SPEAKERS <<

     Please note that places will be limited by the size of the venue;
     tickets will be on sale from 10.50am and doors open at 11am, so
     basically turn up early. 

     11.30am-12.30pm:                  11.40am-12.30pm:
     Intro and Life Hacks              Geolocation
     10 min introduction to the        Chair: Chris Lightfoot
     event followed by...
                                       Urban Tapestries: Building a
     Life Hacks: Tech Secrets of       Space-based App Without
     Overprolific Alpha Geeks          Thinking About Technology
     - Dan O'Brien                     - Nick West
                                       Creating stress/excitement
                                       maps of London
                                       - Christian Nold
                                       Creating Collaborative City
                                       Guides with OpenGuides
                                       - Earle Martin
                                       Dealing With The Top 10
                                       Worst Situations In Urban
                                       - ProjectZ

     12.30pm-1.30pm:                   12.30pm-1.30pm:
     Hardware                          Politics OF the net
     Chair: Matt Jones                 Chair: Tom Steinberg

     Telling the time (not very        The Consensus view
     accurately) using a Marks &       - Cory Doctorow
     Spencer prawn sandwich and a      The Neo-con Net
     BBC micro                         - Bill Thompson
     - James Larsson                   Sociological perspectives
     New hardware/software             - Will Davies
     developments on the Sinclair
     - Matt Westcott
     Why Interactive telly isn't
     the Web, why it never will
     be, and why that's good
     - George Wright
     How to Email Your Video (and
     other things to make your
     home come alive - literally)
     - Steven Goodwin
     Camera-Phones: the only
     remote control you'll ever
     - Anil Madhavapeddy

     1.30pm-2pm:                       1.30pm-2pm:
     Break                             Wireless interlude
     [Possible seating                 Bristol Wireless - a quick
     re-arrangement]                   overview
                                       - Peter Ferne
                                       Network commons - legal
                                       aspects of open public
                                       - .nbco, Bruce M Simpson &

     2pm-2.50pm:                       2pm-2.50pm:
     Copyright pt 1                    Mashups and MP3s
                                       Chair: Will Head

     Universal access to human         Panel discussion:
     knowledge                         - Lionel Vinyl
     - Brewster Kahle                  - Wendy Seltzer, Chilling

                                       Why we built Audioscrobbler
                                       - Richard Jones

     3pm-4pm:                          3pm-4pm:
     Copyright pt 2                    Social software
     Chair: Dan O'Brien                Chair: Wendy Grossman

     Goodbye (Project) Gutenberg?      Flox: An Open Source Social
     What's the new world of IP        Network
     doing to plaintext?               - Simon Cozens
                                       Editing text for live gabba
     Panel discussion:                 techno performance
     - Brewster Kahle, The             - Alex McLean
     Internet Archive                  4rthur.com: organically
     - Rob Hamadi, The Publishers      grown social software
     Association                       - Scott Matthews
     - David Tannenbaum, Union for     Open Webcasting and
     the Public Domain                 Collaborative Scheduling
     - James Wallis, niche             - Gavin Starks
     publisher and author
     - Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

     4pm-4.30pm:                       4pm-4.30pm:
     Break                             Business break
     [Last chance to enter "My         Chair: Steve Bowbrick
     Worst Blog Post" competition
     - either post your entries to     Shit I'm A Manager
     the wiki or print them out        - Tom Dolan
     and bring them on the day]        Mediocrities of Scale
                                       - Pete Windle

     4.30pm-5.20pm:                    4.30pm-5.20pm:
     Blogging with a point             Peer-to-peer pt 1
     Chair: Dave Green                 Chair: Christopher Soghoian

     A controlled study on the         Free as in "Freenet"
     impacts of blogging within a      - Ian Clarke
     defined geographical location
     - Richard Holmes, BBC
     Scotland Interactive
     MPs and Weblogs
     - Tim Ireland

     5.30pm-6.20pm:                    5.30pm-6.20pm:
     Politics ON the net               Peer-to-peer review
     Chair: Tom Steinberg              Chair: Paula Le Dieu

     Unveiling of a new project        Anonymous P2P services
     from the people behind            - Christopher Soghoian
     FaxYourMP and PublicWhip          P2PQ: From Local Knowledge
                                       to Selling $tuff
                                       - Akin O. Fernandez
                                       A Darker BitTorrent
                                       - Ash Argent-Katwala
                                       Gmail, Search and Content
                                       - Peter Jones

     Any other business/ closing remarks
     Announcement of winners for
     "My Worst Blog Post"

     Final lineup may - nay, will - be subject to alteration due to
     circumstances beyond our control.

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