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<nettime> Pastry Operations in Poland and Brazil
Biotic Baking Brigade on Tue, 15 Jun 2004 16:20:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Pastry Operations in Poland and Brazil

On June 2, 2004, an activist from Food Not Bombs-Warsaw (Poland) pied the
President of the City, Lech Kaczynski. The pie action was made to protest
Kaczynski's moves to prevent the city's annual gay parade from taking

The Parade, which normally takes first on May 1, was not allowed on that
date but the organizers were told they could do it later on in the year.
The gay parade in Krakow, which took place a few weeks after, was attacked
by right wingers. The same right-wingers decided to organize a
demonstration at the same time the Warsaw parade was planned. The
President therefore decided not to allow the parade. The right-wing parade
is to take place as planned although the more militant fascist youth
associated with it has said it may withdraw; anarchists have called an
anti-fascist action for that day.

Several municipal bodies have issued decisions that the parade may take
place, but the President keeps overturning this decision. On June 3, yet
another decision to allow the parade was issued, but it is certain that
the President will reject it again.

In the meanwhile, anonymous activists with lots of money have sent out
mass mailings and encourage people to sign their postcards to ban the gay

Television stations in Wroclaw and Lodz have also decided to air an
anti-gay commercial made by the most militantly fascist group in Poland,

The President Kaczynski has reacted dramatically to his pieing. Upon being
pied, he let loose with a string of threats, calling the people involved
"faggots". He commented that he could tell by the way that they looked
that they were gays. He promised to prosecute the activist who pied him to
the full extent of the law and has come to the unfortunate conclusion that
he was right to ban the trouble-making gays. The FNB activist J. will be
charged not only by Kaczynski but by the district attorney. He faces fines
or up to one year in jail.


Early June, 2004

Message of the streets to world-wide the civil 
society;  To the all the press;  The 
International Association Político-Recreativa and 
without lucrative ends...

Confectioners Without Borders comes to greet the president of the
Conference of the Nations Joined for Commerce and Development (UNCTAD),
Rubens Ricupero, with a pie attack.  It is with special joy that we greet
this economist heterodox who arrived at the highest rank of the organism
of the United Nations dedicated to the defense of the countries "in

But who will be these "developing countries" that Mr. Ricupero defends and
its organization?  Will they be the millions of hungry villains who
circulate the streets of São Paulo, Johannesburg or Bombay?  Or, will they
be Brazilian, South African, or Indian entrepreneurs who want to be
promoted to the first world?

Since the birth of the industrial capitalism the liberal ones promise to
finish with the poverty by means of economic growth.  They say that by
making the economy grow, the poor ones little by little will surpass the
poverty without making it necessary to distribute the wealth and to finish
with the inaquality-this is so essential to the market competitiveness.  
It was this that we saw in Brazil in century XX:  one of the biggest
economic growth models of the world, and yet the third worst distribution
of income.  Brazil is the development model!

To celebrate the Brazilian success and to expand for the whole world the
illusion of the development, we give homage to Mr. Rubens Ricupero of the
General Conference of the UNCTAD.  While we anxiously await the
manifestations that will be oppose the conference in São Paulo, we greet
its arrojo, its charisma and its intransigent defense of the poor persons.

¡Que Se Vayan Todos (They All Must Go)!

Remembering the great anarchist Abelardo Barbosa, We say farewell,
Confectioners Without Borders-Brazil

photos: http://whitetiger.threespeed.org/unctad/tortada.html

(Note: this communique was translated from Portugese using Google and
edited for clarity by the BBB, apologies for the awkward translation)

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"O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That I am meek and gentle with these butchersŠ.
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the pies of war."

-William Shakespeare

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