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> From: centro pablo <vcasaus {AT} infomed.sld.cu>
> Date: June 16, 2004 1:51:35 AM CDT
> To: vcasaus {AT} colombus.cu
> La hoja de memoria es un suplemento rápido del Boletín electrónico 
> Memoria,
>  publicado por el Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau
> Memory sheet is a quick supplement of the Memoria electronic newsletter
>  published by the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center
>  This 6th International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium, an event 
> that through boldness and perseverance has contributed to place these 
> new forms of artistic creation in the scene of Cuban art and has 
> become one of the most meaningful events of this type in the region, 
> will begin with the handing of awards to the winners.
>  The Exhibit, that has the purpose of promoting artistic and cultural 
> values through new technologies and to contribute to debate and 
> reflection, is organized by the Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente 
> Brau, under the auspices of the Historiador de la Ciudad de La Habana 
> (the City Historian), HIVOS, ENET / ETECSA Cubasí Portal, and the 
> collaboration of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinema (ICAIC), the 
> Union of Cuban Artists and Writers (UNEAC) and the Museo Nacional de 
> Bellas Artes (National Fine Arts Museum).
>  The National Art Exhibit offers six awards (three printed and three 
> audiovisual works). With the participation of 143 artists, it will 
> focus on audiovisual works as an expression of art linked to 
> technology.
>  As part of the Exhibition, a Video Sample will be screened at the 
> National Fine Arts Museum and the Film Cultural Center in ICAIC from 
> June 22-27, in six different programs with 102 works of 96 creators 
> from 27 countries, among them, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, 
> Cuba, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru Romania, Russia, Spain, 
> the United States and Sweden. They will also be shown in three centers 
> having to do with visual arts: the International School of Film and TV 
> in San Antonio de los Banos, the Foundation of the New Latin American 
> Cinema and the University of Computer Sciences.
>  The event covers two areas; the National Art Exhibit, of a 
> competitive nature, with the participation of Cuban artists, and the 
> non-competitive On-Line International Art Exhibit, where works by 
> artists from thirty countries will be shown.
>  The International On-Line Exhibit may be visited in the new website 
> for the 6th Exhibit at www.artedigital6.cubasi.cu. The site will 
> include works accepted by the admission jury among the 243 proposals 
> received in the On-Line and Video categories, as well as information 
> and programs on the awards, the exhibits and the International Digital 
> Art Colloquium that will be held from June 22 to 24.
>  Works from 176 artists in 33 countries were received at the 
> international On-Line exhibit and 176 artists from 30 countries were 
> chosen. Interactive, audiovisual, two-dimensional and net-art works 
> are included in them.
>  During the days of the exhibition, At the International Press Center 
> in Havana there will be an international retrospective of the 
> Exhibitions held by the Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau 
> since 1999.
>  The International Colloquium Digital Art: Languages and Poetics will 
> begin on Tuesday 22 in the Salon de los Vitrales at the Seat of the 
> Municipal Government in the corner of Oficios and Muralla, La Habana 
> Vieja. Just as in the exhibition, video will be its main focus. 
> Institutions and artists from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Italy, 
> Romania, the United States and Venezuela, among others, have confirmed 
> their attendance.
>  On June 23 an exhibition entitled Compartiendo sueños / Sharing 
> dreams, a collaboration by ten US and Cuban graphic designers will 
> open at the ICAIC Film Cultural Center. The artists have used personal 
> drawings, photographs and other expressive resources to create ten 
> large posters on the topic of dreams and their relationship with 
> artistic and human creation.
>  These works will be exhibited together with comments by the designers 
> and will also be shown after next June 21st in the 6th International 
> Digital Art website (www.artedigital6.cubasi.cu.) and the American 
> Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).
>  The coordinators of the project have been Toni O’Bryan, Víctor Casaus 
> and Héctor Villaverde. The participating artists from the United 
> States and Cuba are: Audrey Bennett, Andrea Dezso, Oscar Fernández, 
> Maria Rogal, Kristin Rogers, Pedro Juan Abreu, José Gómez Fresquet 
> (Frémez), Eduardo Moltó, Fabián Muñoz Díaz and Héctor Villaverde.
>  The 6th International Colloquium and Exhibit will again be a 
> celebration of digital art that will allow an enjoyment and reflection 
> of the wonders that creativity and talent may achieve from the new 
> technologies put at the service of imagination and beauty.
> www.centropablo.cult.cu
> www.artedigitalcuba.cult.cu
> www.aguitarralimpia.cubasi.cu
> www.centropablonoticias.cubasi.cu 

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