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<nettime> geo-location: the Straits of Gibraltar
pdesoto on Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:56:24 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> geo-location: the Straits of Gibraltar

Tarifa_Tangiers june 22,23. 2004
Europa-Africa 28km continental wifi link
telematic network + social networks + urbanism

The eventīs codename is Fadaiat, which means "through spaces" in arab.  The word Fadaiat as-well is used to define a satellite dish and space ship.
After many months of preparation hackitectura and many diverse collectives are working in the terrain: a very tense and militarized EU border. Our location now is a medieval castle at Tarifa, in front of a detainee migrant camp at the southest point of continental Europe. In a few hours we will try the wifi link to Tangiers, Morocco. ITU Rabat gave us this morning the permission. 

More than Fadaiat as a poetic virtual bridge project, or as a symbolic north-south freenetwork link (after Perejil island conflict and bombings in Madrid the 11th of March)

..The aim of Fadait as a no border temporary media lab is to remain as a permament public media interface, part of the counter hegemonic cyborg* that we imagine at the gate of mediterranean sea. Our technical research have flown over several layers: web geointerfaces, free software (FFmpeg) streaming servers, use of Pure Data as a distributed multimedia engine...

* Reverse engineering of the Surveillance System of the Straits

Pablo de Soto / Fadaiat Lab


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