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Re: <nettime> Microsoft, Apples iPod etc...
Heiko Recktenwald on Thu, 2 Sep 2004 06:53:42 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Microsoft, Apples iPod etc...

Well, expanding the topic:

> Speaking about Microsoft lack of understanding of other culture than their
> own, Apple seems to have some "corporate culture" as well. Yesterday I
> took an Apple iPod leaflet in the Gravis shop and there on the last page,
> I find the sentense: "Raubkopien sind illegal!". Something like "piracy is
> illegal". There was a lot of dicussion about the word "piracy" at 4WIPO
> see Jamie Love at www.eff.org, but it is simply not true. An extreme case
> is Canadas http://gurke.bootlab.org/~uzs106/bla/T-292-04.pdf , but we have
> "fair use" also in the USA, where just some forms of "piracy" are illegal,
> not copying CDs amongst friends. Copying your friends CDs onto your iPod
> is LEGAL, period!

Well, the RIAA is so powerfull, it sits in Apples board of directors,
this is what people say about Al Gore, that slogans like "Buying used CDs
is illegal" are possible. Many people believe it! In the famous SONY aka
Betamax case, Hollywood sued SONY for selling videorecorders to get a part
of the profit (not to prevent the sale of the machines). Maybe Apple just
wants to keep it.

But such things are ugly.

Apple is "different", "different" from what?


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