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<nettime> GNU/Linux links and lists (with a focus on South Asia)
Frederick Noronha (FN) on Fri, 1 Oct 2004 07:15:04 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> GNU/Linux links and lists (with a focus on South Asia)

This is the list that I put togther. Would help any help in updating and 
correcting it. Let's try to network all the 'little' GNU/LUGs, who badly need 
the support to grow. FN

GNU/Linux links and lists (with a focus on South Asia)

BSDIndia              bsd-india {AT} bsd-india.org
GNU                   gnu {AT} gnu.org
GNU-Column            column {AT} gnu.org
GNU/LinuxNigeia       ngfoss {AT} yahoogroups.com
GNULinuxInAsia        gnulinuxinasia {AT} freelists.org
GNUnify               gnunify {AT} symbiosiscomputers.com
ILUG-BGNonTech        linux-bangalore-non-tech {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUG-Burdwan          Ilug-bwn {AT} ilug-bwn.org
ILUG-Chennai          ilugc {AT} aero.iitm.ernet.in
ILUG-Cochin           ilug-cochin {AT} eGroups.com
ILUG-Hyd              ilughyd {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUG-Indore           ilug-indore {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUG-Kot-Moderator    Moderator, ilug-kottayam ilug-kottayam Moderator 
<ilug-kottayam-owner {AT} yahoogroups.com>
ILUG-KTM              ilug-ktm {AT} yahoogroups.co.in
ILUG-Mangalore        ilug-mangalore {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUG-Nagpur           nagpur-linux {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUG-South M'rasthra  ilug_sm {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUGBBSR              ilug-bbsr {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUGBelgaum           ilug-belgaum {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUGBurdwan           ilug-bwn {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUGC                 ilugc {AT} ae.iitm.ac.in
ILUGCal               ilug-cal {AT} ilug-cal.org
ILUGDAICT             iLug_DAIICT {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUGDelhi             ilugd {AT} wpaa.org
ILUGDelhiNEW          ilugd {AT} lists.linux-delhi.org
ILUGGoaadmin          ilug-goa-admin {AT} yahoogroups.com
ILUGHydMod            Moderator, ilughyd
    ilughyd Moderator  <ilughyd-owner {AT} yahoogroups.com>
ILUGTvm               ilug-tvm {AT} yahoogroups.com
IndicComputing        Indic-computing-users {AT} lists.sourceforge.net
LFY                   lfyedit	lfyedit <lfyedit {AT} electronicsforu.com>
LIFE-GNUL in Edn      life {AT} mm.hbcse.tifr.res.in
LIFE-2                life {AT} hbcse.tifr.res.in
LIFE-Nagarajuna	G.    nagarjun {AT} hbcse.tifr.res.in
LIFEAdmin             life-admin {AT} hbcse.tifr.res.in
LIG                   linux-india-general {AT} lists.sourceforge.net
LIH                   linux-india-help {AT} lists.sourceforge.net
LinusTorvalds         Torvalds, Linus	Linus Torvalds <torvalds {AT} transmeta.com>
RMS (Stallman)        rms {AT} gnu.org
Linux-Bangalore       linux-bangalore {AT} yahoogroups.com
Linux-Cgarh           linux_chandigarh {AT} yahoogroups.co.in
Linux-MiddleEast      Linux-middleeast {AT} yahoogroups.com
linux-ta              linux-ta {AT} yahoogroups.com
LinuxAbad             linux-Ahmedabad-users {AT} yahoogroups.com
LinuxAnnounce         linux-announce {AT} NEWS.ORNL.GOV
LinuxCouncil          Linux_Council_of_India {AT} yahoogroups.com
LinuxDigestifier      Linux-Announce-Request {AT} senator-bedfellow.mit.edu
Linuxers-Request      linuxers-request {AT} mm.ilug-bom.org.in
LINUXERSpostMUMBAI    linuxers {AT} mm.ilug-bom.org.in
LinuxGoaHelp          linuxgoahelp {AT} yahoogroups.com
LinuxGurus            linux_gurus {AT} yahoogroups.com
LinuxInIndia          linuxinindia {AT} freelists.org
LinuxIran             ML, LinuxIran	LinuxIran ML <bna-linuxiran {AT} nongnu.org>
LinuxPakistan         general {AT} linuxpakistan.net
LinuxPlazaComplaints  linuxplaza_complaints {AT} yahoo.com
LinuxPlazaHelp        helpdesk {AT} linuxplaza.org
LinuxPlazaOrg         linuxplaza_org {AT} yahoo.com
LinuxTrainingBG       linux {AT} vsnl.com
LinuxYahoogroups      linux {AT} yahoogroups.com
LIP                   linux-india-programmers {AT} lists.sourceforge.net
LUG-A                 alug_linux {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Abad              LinuxAtAhmedabad {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-AMC               amclug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-AP                aplug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Bihar             biharlinuxusergroup {AT} yahoogroups.co.in
LUG-BrasilT           linux-brasil-total {AT} Yahoogroups.com
LUG-Cgarh             linux_chandigarh {AT} yahoogroups.co.in
LUG-Cgarh2            linux_chandigarh {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Codebreaker       codebreaker {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-CSS               csslug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Gunify            gnunify {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Hubli             linuxhubli {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-ITC               linux-at-itcom {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Jodhpur           SunCityJodhpurLUG {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Lucknow           linux-lucknow {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Madurai           Linux-Madurai {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Mizo              mizolinuxusergroup {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-MLUG              mylug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Myanmar           myanmarlinuxusersclub {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Nashik            nashikgug-general {AT} lists.sarovar.org
LUG-NE                nelug-discussion {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-NGFOSS            ngfossf {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Raipur            ilug_raipur {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Rourkee           rklug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Schools           linux_schools {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Sona              sonalug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Tamil             tamillinux {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-Tvmalai           Tvmalailug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-VCLUG             VCLUG {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-VLUG              vidyalankar-lug {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG-VTP               vtplinux {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUG_Bhopal            lug-bhopal {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUGlugk               lugk {AT} yahoogroups.com
LUGrvlug              rvlug {AT} yahoogroups.com
Nagpur-lug            nagpur-lug {AT} yahoogroups.com
NagpurLUG             nagpur-lug {AT} yahoogroups.com
NepalLUG              admin {AT} linux.com.np
NGU-GNU for NGOs      Karl <karl {AT} tux.org>
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