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<nettime> ASCII stands against eviction - free software needs /home
jaromil on Tue, 12 Oct 2004 11:34:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> ASCII stands against eviction - free software needs /home

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The ASCII squat, a free public internet space run by hackers and activists 
in Amsterdam, is getting evicted at this moment by the local police.

ASCII was set up recycling old computers and using only free software (GNU 
GPL) to bring broader access to technology for the populace. ASCII is a 
collective of free and autonomous thinkers, technically and politically 
aware hackers and free software developers.

The current location of ASCII, Kinkerstraat 92, is not the first nor the 
last place where hackers struggle for redemption from merchantile agendas 
speculating on technology and its accessibility by the populace.

The right to comunicate is everyone's good and software implements it!

Stand now in solidarity with ASCII, because free software needs /home!

Raise consciousness! This small eviction reflects a larger wave of 
repression operated by western NATO regimes, the recent FBI raid on 
Indymedia online servers is a serious signal of the current crackdown on 
freedom of speech. As of today there are no clear legal motivations for 
this action of censorship affecting more than 20 different countries.

But for us the motivation is clear: the capitalist regime brought to its 
extreme consequences is revealing all its intrinsic violence and its 
logics of prevarication by silencing any critical voice opposing it.

We will keep on struggling for the right to think differently, act 
differently and compute differently from the way corporations and fascist 
state governors are trying to impose us.

And if necessary we will compile our last lines of sourcecode on the 

in solidarity with all those who resist.

ASCII Amsterdam Subversive Center for Information Interchange
http://squat.net/ascii                         http://scii.nl

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