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<nettime> Goanet, the month that was. October 2004
Frederick Noronha (FN) on Fri, 5 Nov 2004 00:10:03 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Goanet, the month that was. October 2004

Hi Net-Time folks: This is an update from one of India's earliest 
regional-based mailing list, dealing with the region of Goa, on the west 
coast of South Asia. Frederick Noronha

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Goanet, the month that was. October 2004.

Reports keep coming in from across the Goan diaspora; here's an interesting
one about Goans in Calcutta. [1] Chris Hughes from Down Under defines
himself as "an Australian man, happily engaged to go a Goan woman, both
living in Australia". He needed advice on the process in getting married in
Australia and Goa, and whether there would be any duplication in doing it in
two places. [2]

[1] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018638.html
[2] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018645.html

This query brought in quite a few replies and suggestions. See

[3] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018652.html
[4] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018655.html
[5] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018665.html
[6] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018735.html

Tony Barros and others seem to have launched [7]  an interesting thread on
Goans in East Africa
[7] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018955.html

There was also an announcement (from John D'Souza) of a Goan seniors'
fun-fair at Toronto [8], held in early October.
[8] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018646.html

Miguel Braganza in Mapusa asks, 'Why so few Mestico in Goa after 451
[9] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018720.html

Eddie Fernandes quotes a report [10] that says two Goans, or PLtG (persons
linked to Goa) -- Roque Fernandes and Dominic Martins -- were named in
London "dirty bomb arrests" an issue which hardly anyone in Goa itself seems
to have taken due note of.
[10] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018678.html

Vivek Araujo made this appeal to ex-Africanda Goans: "My reminder goes out
to all the Goans/pre-1972 of Uganda, to kindly come forward and assist me to
claim back the property which used to belong/or belongs present (not in a
position to state) to Goans. One of the executive members who has some
documentary evidence to prove he/she was a member of the said club could
well be the start for me. Please please come forward." [11]
[11] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018650.html

Vincente Fernandes kept updating us all with upcoming birthdays. If you wish
to have yours included, just contact him. One specimen is at [12]. Joel
D'Souza of Assagao continued with his useful daily input of news.
[12] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018661.html

Without doubt, October 2004's debate of the month was about caste among
Goa's Catholics. See contributions from Cornel [13], Gilbert Lawrence [14],
Godfrey JI Gonsalves [15], Alito Siqueira [16], Miguel Braganza [17],
A.C.Menezes [18], Neal Pinto [19], Basilio [20], Jose Colaco [21], Helga do
Rosario Gomes [22], FN [23], Mervyn Lobo [24], Melinda Coutinho Powell [25]

[13] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019665.html
[14] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019398.html
[15] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019366.html
[16] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019548.html
[17] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019672.html
[18] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019679.html
[19] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019727.html
[20] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019478.html
[21] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019462.html
[22] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019438.html
[23] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019440.html
[24] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019443.html
[25] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019369.html

If you're the religious type -- or even if not -- don't miss Jude Bothello's
Sunday Reflections [26]
[26] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018643.html

Then, of course, there was a wide diversity of news from or on Goa.

A comment from sculptor Satish Gujaral (brother of a former Indian prime
minister) brought an angry retort from engineer Jose Lourenco, who debated
Goa's building styles. [27]
[27] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018671.html

Mumbai-based documentary film-maker of Goan origin, Anjali Monteiro, has
contributed a lot of work to understanding the 'other' India [28]
[28] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019456.html

Eddie Fernandes points to reports of an oil spill along the Goa coast, at
Vasco [29]
[29] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018672.html

Eagle-eye Eddie again spotted Devika Sequeira's report in the Deccan Herald
[30], about the way Goa's culture czars operate. Quite a refreshing
difference from what was reported (till questions started getting asked)
back in Goa.
[30] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019805.html

"Cip" Fernandes noted a report which quoted Goa's senior-most official
suggesting that feni ought to be patented. [31] Melvyn Misquita offered a
link for a news website for the Church in India. [32]

[31] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018658.html
[32] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018659.html

And just when Cecil Pinto "declared" [33] closed the debate on South v/s
North (Goa) sausages, a whole lot of outpourings came in from various
[33] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019028.html

Interested in Konkani VCDs? JoeGoaUK [34] seems to have them all
[34] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019849.html

There were some interesting initiatives coming up too:
Indo-American Jazz in US [35]
[35] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019845.html

Some strong and some reasoned  emotions on the IFFI. For instance from Samir
Kelekar [36] and Philip Thomas [37], Cecil Pinto [38] and Jose Colaco [39]

[36] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019827.html
[37] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019810.html
[38] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019795.html
[39] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019793.html

Silviano Barbosa came back with a mix of nostalgia, music and Konkani [40].
See his post titled "Moddgonvam thovyaguer," in Hindi lyrics "Goa ke raste
pe" from "Classic Goa" CD
[40] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019789.html

Historian Dr Teotonio R De Souza [41] has another angle on the changing of
road-names in Panjim. Eddie Fernandes [42] added to the debate. Some unusual
perspectives and suggestions here.
[41] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019808.html
[42] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019835.html

Likewise, the Dabolim airport debate (is the Navy choking operations?)
continues, with interesting posts from Philip Thomas [43], Flower [44],
Gabriel de Figueiredo [45] and many others

[43] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019788.html
[44] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019785.html
[45] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019279.html

Soon after Richard Cabral [46] announced his intention of researching Goa's
primary education system (going back decades, to the pre-1961 era), he got
some useful help and pointers from Constantino Xavier [47], Robert Lars da
Cruz Fernandes [48] and others.

[46] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019550.html
[47] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019717.html
[48] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019763.html

Ribandar got a new life in a Goanet debate, but not with the heat that once
marked it. This time, a few postings from Aires Rodrigues [49], giving his
interpretation of the events there, following allegations of a molestation
by a priest
[49] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019694.html

And this is a call for all past-pupils of St Anthony's Duler [50]
[50] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019660.html

Our regular and interesting contributor on Goa-of-the-old-times topics
Domnic Fernandes was unwell, and hence compelled to stay off the keyboard.
Francis Lobo explains why [51].  Looking forward to his earlier return.
Here's one not-to-miss, classic [52] post

[51] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019258.html
[52] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019290.html

Do pregnant women come to Goa specially to deliver a baby? Marie D'Souza
[53] refutes this view.
[53] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019638.html

Fermino Faleiro gives us some reports, from the ground, in Margao, both
about an agri-bazaar [54], and the need for an facelift at the wholesale
fish market [55] of that South Goa commercial capital

[54] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019630.html
[55] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019580.html

Surprise of the month: guess who has posted to Goanet? Former Goa education
secretary and an official till recently in the Prime Minister's Office (of
Prime Minister A B Vajpayee) Shakti Sinha [56]
[56] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019641.html

Matka? [58-61] Good, bad or just subject of a undue scare?

[58] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019487.html
[59] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019572.html
[60] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019520.html
[61] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019496.html

A report on St Xavier's College and its Initiative Assagao [62]
[62] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019428.html

Meanwhile, a small storm about what the US Marines did in Goa [63-65],
whether they were really welcome, and so on

[63] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019426.html
[64] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019436.html
[65] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019301.html

Green campaigner-in-his-twenties Rahul Alvares, with another interesting
issue of his e-zine 'Creepy Times' [66]. Clinton's WildGoa [67] newsletter
is also available here

[66] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019557.html
[67] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018732.html

Someone needed blood  [68]in Goa (the patient unfortunately died shortly
later).  What's the way out? [69]

[68] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019196.html
[69] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019215.html

A strange story [70] about a Goan kept out from his home state allegedly due
to an unexplained noting in the police record. See what Rodolfo de Souza in
Germany has to say.
[70] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019189.html

Here are some interesting Goa-related reports you might have not noticed in
your newspapers. The Lancet carries a write-up on the demolitions at Baina
[71], and numbers and genders depicting Christianity in India [72]. Soter
D'Souza (and Goa Messenger) a special article critiquing the functioning of
the controversial PDAs (Planning and Development Authorities) in Goa [73].
This [74] meanwhile is a review of Dr Teresa Albuquerque's new book on
Bassein (Vassai).

[71] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019130.html
[72] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019115.html
[73] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019039.html
[74] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018840.html

Languages, anyone? Check out Konkani's [75] description on the Wikipedia
[75] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/018759.html

If you would like to know what GoanVoiceUK -- http://www.goanvoice.org.uk -- is 
about Goanet [76]
[76] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019115.html

Shifting to the USofA: Goans are Republicans or Democrats? Much debate
errupted over the US elections, see two examples divergent from George Pinto
[77] and Chris Vaz [78].

[77] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019859.html
[78] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019852.html

Want to know what Goanet is all about [79]? Check these stats
[79] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019211.html

Searching for a soul-mate [80] for life? Check Goanet-Cybermatrimonials
[80] http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2004-October/019860.html

GOANET WELCOMES contributions from its readers, by way of essays, reviews,
features and think-pieces. This is a volunteer-driven network, set up in
1994 (yes, we're ten years old) by Herman Carneiro. To take part in Goanet,
post your message in plain-text to goanet {AT} goanet.org or contact
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