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<nettime> homo americanus
porculus on Fri, 5 Nov 2004 18:04:00 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> homo americanus

> Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 14:44:15 +1100 (EST)
> From: ben moretti <benmoretti {AT} yahoo.com.au>
> Subject: Bush's successor?
> So which conservative will succeed Bush for 2008?

yes they are all talking as if all it could happen in america was 1) 2)
3) written again, even if it's not mozart piece, dont know kind of
golden calf passage 'and then texan geneticly knock up a rare bovine
piece of meat that shit gold & piss oil & they are able to not only
adore it but can die for but just & only if transfert to sehol will be
done in a greater jp2's suv' hoooa pity italian cinema snored due to
imperial berlu casting, otherwise imagine.. enuf of mythomane
salamalekoum, welcome in history, cause if not all democraty would die
of ridicule. it's why churchill terribly have fear of it, he take it for
himself, as all decent & reasonable brit. it's a petomane regime. human
is ridicule, definitely, let him dream of grandeur & it's worst, as
french for instance i was for ever revolted by the description of
painting en pied of louis 14 by kids, skintight tight, high heels, curl,
etc, it's what one called 'ancien regime'. there is no better than
montesquieu to define what ancient regime was in contradiction with
republique : he define them by the transvaluation of what private things
are, he said what is private in republique is private in ancient regime
& the reverse, as for instance (but there i quote from memories) if the
king have a blow job it's public but if he did war it's quite private,
it's what one call 'the consubtance of the body of the king with the
ones of his people' it's possible that technic & proctological media
make possible to draw again this new dreaming freddy krugger termite
body, but hey it's not at all a girly fag gang bang, but er a quite pure
& spiritual viril merge,  to nite i sleep with george dad & mom..but
without french bidet & bulb syringue!  beside it was even written in
matrix2 : 'bordel de pompe =E0 cul' anyway except this all superbull,
listen all tovarich, aka segnorita & hombrez, as making politic is
making forecasts, i, porculus, i predict 1) the heel of cowboy boot will
earn at least 7 cm befor the end of the year & he will shot you down if
you will be around when see coming any cropper. if not, it's i am not
even able to distinguish between 1) my ass and 2) an hole in the ground

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