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<nettime> censorship in Australia regarding war crimes in fallujah
francesca da rimini on Wed, 10 Nov 2004 08:53:39 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> censorship in Australia regarding war crimes in fallujah

Australian writer, ex-diplomat Tony Kevin, perhaps best known in recent
years for his determined efforts to uncover the truth behind government
involvement in the sabotage and sinking of the refugee boat SIEVX (353
dead, see http://sievx.com), has been silenced by mysterious
crypto-techno disturbances in the video-conferencing ether, as he was
due to speak out on CNN about the US assault on the citizens of Fallujah


Kevin wonders to what extent Australian security authorities might have
influenced or authorised this interference with his right to free
speech, and CNN's right as a television broadcaster to disseminate his
view that the present US attack on Fallujah is a war crime? Probably not
coincidentally, an article by Kevin was published yesterday in the (rare
non-Murdoch newspaper) Sydney Morning Herald "All the makings of a war
crime - with Australia silently onside".


Reports from Iraq on the attack on Fallujah make grim reading, with
reports of cluster and nail bombs (illegal), hospital destroyed,
terrible casualties, injured children. All for what exactly?


For updates on the media censorship story visit Tony Kevin's website at

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