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Re: <nettime> Reflections on America after the election
geert on Sat, 13 Nov 2004 14:20:01 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Reflections on America after the election

(this txt might be relevant for the nettime discussion. /geert)

From: Culture Jammers Network <jammers {AT} lists.adbusters.org>


It wasn't the media. It wasn't the youth. It wasn't the work of Karl Rove 
or the "ignorant" American heartland. Bush is back. And the reason lies in 
the crumbled remains of the political left.

All our heroes -- Michael Moore, George Soros, Moveon.org -- promised we 
were building a movement, leading a rebirth of progressive thought. But on 
Nov 3rd, when the bubble of rage burst, there was nothing inside. Why? 
Because the left was missing what its been missing for years: ideas.

Whether you like them or not, Bush has ideas. He has beliefs and values 
that inspire people. What does the left have? What do we stand for? Hard 
to tell.

Here's a more direct question: what do you stand for? Over the next four 
years, let's get together and find out. Let's finally do what we should 
have done years ago: jump over the dead body of the old left. No more 
whining. No more fuzzy thinking. No more listless causes. If we believe in 
peace, clean air, accountable corporations, true-cost pricing and media 
democracy, then let's refine these ideas into memes -- soundbite sized 
mindbombs -- and start exploding them into mainstream consciousness.

This is the perfect moment to catalyze a new kind of hard nosed, vision 
driven activism. Weigh in on the future of our movement here: 

And to shake us out of our post-election blues, let's have a bit of fun 
around one of the most potent memes in recent history: Buy Nothing Day. On 
Nov 26 (Nov 27 in the UK and some other countries), let's whoop it up, 
give the earth a rest and change some minds.

Check out what BND jammers are doing around the world this year: 

Want to connect up with other jammers on November 26? Then join your
city's JammerGroup. It's a powerful new organizing tool that makes it
easier than ever to meet-up and plan community actions.

You voted. . . and the BND pig won hands down! Now, let's raise some
money and buy a few time slots on CNN. With two weeks to go, we're
already half way towards our $10,000 goal. View the spot and give what
you can.

This year, gather your family and friends and decide to skip the
spending binge. Join the movement to decommercialize Christmas and turn
it again into something spiritual, spontaneous, real.

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