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<nettime> Pro Helvetia and the Non Swiss
tonetext on Fri, 31 Dec 2004 19:57:45 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Pro Helvetia and the Non Swiss

I found this statement on the net and I am wondering if there are forign
artists living in Switzeralnd who might be able put this statement into perspective.
Is it true


Kies Klauli 

Max Frisch stated "The Swiss want to be managed but not governed, and this
what we have in Switzerland".. 

Switzerland needs to be reorganized into a real democracy not a populist
racist clan based on sentiments for what might be Swiss,. As Ben V. has already
said "Switzerland does not exist" and to be clear about Alp Horn tradtions.
They are not Swiss, but established and popularized by a Hungarian player
who moved to Switzerland in the middle stage of his life!

As for Pro Helveltia, it is a racist organization for the support of banal
art and music done by "Swiss" artists who must pass a "non spoken" racial
qualification test before funding can be granted. Should it prove that the
artist is of less Swiss quality -like being born here and raised here as
a second or even third generation native BUT being denied the Swiss Passport-
the artist will receive the "Non Priority" message on a carbon copy letter
denying funding. If he should telephone with Pro Helveltia: First question?
"Are you Swiss?. No!  "Well, then we don't know you and if we don't know
you, we have no motivation to get to know you." 

As many now know through the media what the Swiss immigration law states,
we can further the situation by stating that not only has the Government
acted incorrectly, but because Pro Helveltia has complained to the Centre
Suisse in Paris that they have no right to exhibit works by Artists living
in Switzerland who only have a with a C permit, it is clear that Pro Helvetia
DOES NOT commit to their own gender of having to support artists living in
Switzerland who have lived here for at least five years and established themselves
within the art scene. 

Sadly we can state: that not only the foreign artist who has moved here and
assimilated, but the children of the artist and the children of the children
of the artist will receive the same letter until that wonderful moment comes
along with the fourth generation when the he or she gets ordained with the
red Swiss pass. - or maybe they have already left Switzerland for Paris to
protest such issues?

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