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<nettime> nettime-fr-raw reborning on anart.no
Aliette Guibert on Tue, 11 Jan 2005 06:19:47 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> nettime-fr-raw reborning on anart.no

Hello! Friends, nettime-fr-raw just reborning on anart.no -right now!

We thanks our friends of the North to receive us and we wish the list
for the best to receive the largest circle of subscribers in a free
perspecti= ve.  Join us to write, offer to hear, or see, of yours, and
forward and quote = all you want (but write the sources and the links).
Take the media and hold i= t!

It is not our revenge to nettime-fr, it is another else : specially
unmoderate on any subject and discussions and with diverse and free

For the most of us as French we are both subscribers of the two lists :)

Have a happy new year dancing against the death and dancing against the
w= ar (Andr=E9 Breton)

All my best wishes to the babies just borning on earth this year and the
last one. Singularly Ken's baby, Antoine's baby, Gallien's baby, and
Frederic's baby -just yesterday!

All my best to all,

>From the part of Louise Desrenards

  Emergence | Arts  /  Words / Cultures & Sciences | R=E9sistances
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  About the list http://sympa.anart.no/sympa/info/nettime-fr-raw

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