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<nettime> New Revolutionary Movements in Europe: kf45
lmare on Sat, 14 May 2005 16:19:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> New Revolutionary Movements in Europe: kf45

in a jubilee year of official historical revisionism and patriotic
disinformation spectacles to support an Austrian victim myth in WWII, a
bovine drama of symbolic terrorism unfolds: kf45 taking the Austrian
government hostage with cows used for official decorum.

Is political cattle mutilation the new cultural propaganda of the deed?


a declaration from the their website http://www.z-k-w.net/


Zellen K=E4mpfender Widerstand (Combat Resistance Cells)
Commando Freedom 45


Vienna, May 10th 2005

To the Federal Government of Austria

In the night from 9-10 May Commando Freedom45 (KF45) raided the Belvedere
Gardens and brought a grazing cow of the Federal Authorities under its

This cow is from now on the political prisoner of the Resistance Combat
Cells.  We demand:

   1. a public declaration of Federal Chancellor Schuessel and ORF
Director General Monika Lindner to be issued on 15 May, 2005, at 19:30
hrs Central European Time in ZiB1 newscast on Austrian Television.
Containing a confession of nationalist hate speech in 2005 and of
misleading the public on historical facts!

2. a yearly allowance of 10 Million Euro to be paid to partisan and

3. a monument for deserters to be set up on the Vienna Heldenplatz!

4. the immediate establishment of a museum for partisans in the

This has to be confirmed within 12 hours on radio, national TV and all
Austrian newspapers.

If these demands are met by 15 May, the political prisoner will be
released and will remain unharmed.

>From the streets of Vienna,
Zellen K=E4mpfender Widerstand ZKW
kommando freiheit45


PS: Should this political imprisonment result in bloodshed, it will be
the sole responsibility of the Federal Chancellor and the Federal

PPS: On behalf of all cattle instrumentalized for the victim myth by the
Federal Government.


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