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<nettime> Re- Casa logic
david garcia on Tue, 31 May 2005 16:27:28 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re- Casa logic

Telestreet, the Italian network of street televisions and
NewGlobalVision, online video archive and distribution project, achieved
the "Award of Distinction" at the Linz Prix Ars Electronica 2005.

This is wonderful news for those who believe in the continuing
importance Of the growth of these kind of decentralized grass roots
media initiatives.

But it raises some interesting questions that typically arise from this
kind of "Oscar" for tactical media model. Along with more general
problems that arise when attempting to reward the achievement of
"organized networks".

The press release does not make clear whether there is money involved or
perhaps Telestreet will receive a statuette Or possibly a "certificate". 
But whatever the nature of the well-deserved prize the question is into
whose bank account or which mantelpiece will the prize sit? Telestreet
may have been born in home town of Radio Alicia but it is a highly
diverse network of incommensurable ideologies whose overall connection
may begin and end with the issue of media freedom, and possibly an
antipathy to Mr Berlusconi and all his works. New Global Vision born out
of Genoa it is something else and provides through its network of
servers the means by which the Telestreet micro-TV broadcasters can
share content scaling up to become both national and local in a new way.

I hope that people on this list who are closer to events on the ground
in Italian tactical media can help to contextualise this award and
separate fact from fiction and possibly even fashion hypes. * Disco
Volante the Telestreet for the disabled based in Senegallia was in legal
trouble some months ago. Do we have any hard news on their situation? *
Since the general gathering of Telestreets last year in Senegalia what
is the general mood of the network, does it have an overal sense of

I ask this because there was a sense the meeting last year was a kind of
turning point and many radical voices seemed to be disappointed about
the direction being taken. Any views on this?

What is really happening to Telestreet? Here's hoping that the prize is
for a living growing network not only the legacy of a great idea

David Garcia

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