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<nettime> Newsworthy?
Ivo Skoric on Thu, 2 Jun 2005 23:47:49 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Newsworthy?

This was an interesting week. NATO soldiers raided Karadzic's house 
in Pale. His wife and daughter had to sit humiliated in the NATO van
outside for a couple of hours until foreign soldiers combed through
their private possessions. And to all those who believe that 
massacres in Srebrenica did not happen, they showed a video tape at 
the Hague tribunal: Serbs were not any smarter than US guards at Abu 
Ghraib. Because they were just as sure in their victory. And as 
mistaken about it. It became public what many suspected so far - that 
unremitting attacks against Americans are not carried out by Iraqis, 
but by Saudis. 42% of attacks to be exact. Instead of embarassing 
Suaid royal family, Saddam was choosen as a target to help young 
Saudis save on air fare. Now they can buy more ammo and just drive 
across the border to kill Americans. Immigrants and retards, that's 
it. Bush's eugenics program. He said that he would bring the war to 
them, didn't he?
Bosnia and Hercegovina just sent a contingent today. I wonder whether
there was an agreement between the US and B&H for an exchange - they
raid Karadzic's home, and Bosnia sends some fresh bodies to Baghdad?!
The on-going Iraq debacle did not deter the entire Anglo-Saxon world
to get extatic about the French "Non" to European constitution. The
Ecconomist put 18 "nons" on its front page, and guy from the Heritage
Foundation on CNN couldn't get ear-to- ear grin of his face for a
moment. True, French talked incessantly about Europe as the new
superpower, their superpower, and now they nixed it, to everybody's
(including their own) surprise. And it also became public, what many
expected for years to be true (and this was the line of speculation
even in the movie made about the event), that the "deep throat", who
provided information to Washington Post journalists, that ultimately
costed Nixon his throne, was an FBI agent. Quietly, amidst this mess,
Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline got opened, and with it easy access to
Caspian oil by US supertankers. Nobody even talks about AMBO 
(pipeline that was supposed to go from Bulgaria to Albania over 
Macedonia, and use Russian tankers over Black Sea). Actually, nobody 
even talks about Balkans any more. Raid of Karadzic's home, pictures 
of Bosnian soldiers boarding a plane to Iraq, showing of Srebrenica 
killing video at The Hague - this was not global news worthy, and I 
picked it up from Serbian news, rather than from BBC or CNN. We are 
so gone, that nobody outside former Yugoslav ethnic communities even 
noticed that the 25th anniversary of the death of the former Yugoslav 
dictator - to whose funeral flocked more than 100 world leaders - 
just passed this May.
Ivo Skoric
19 Baxter Street
Rutland VT 05701
ivo {AT} balkansnet.org

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